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Crossover RP - Merging Realities {RP;; OPEN}

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The girl landed backwards on her bum out of fright, surprised by the dragon noticing her so quickly. She was debating whether to reveal herself or to fight, but the latter sounded kinda stupid, especially when the guy had a sword, the monkey had some guns or something, and the dragon had whatever abilities it had. She finally decided and got back up, and stepped out from her hiding spot. "I woke up just a few minutes ago and I'm actually really confused. I promise I won't attack. I just want an explanation." The girl said, her voice wavering. (@AssassinPerson, @Kuma, @noctilucent)
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The sight of the fox-man struggling in vain to lift the stranger was quite the bizarre one for Mansha and his companions, though it thankfully prepared them for his request for assistance. Giving the long-eared newcomer a nervous look, the Mimiga replied, "Uh...sure, I'll...I'll give it a try." As he said he would, he approached the child and did his best to lift them. Much to both his own surprise and that of his companions, he was, in fact, able to lift the stranger fully off the ground, but they were almost still touching it. His own height had the most to do with this, being only 3'6", though his lack of direct strength also played a part in his struggle. Locking eyes with the fox-man, Mansha asked, "Do you have some way to cross big gaps? Flight, super jump, super speed, anything like that? Because you're gonna need it." [[ Responding to @RubyIllustration ]]
Layton's efforts were rewarded, the image changing to a sort of outline for a roof area. The "You are here" message hadn't changed or disappeared, but new text had appeared in the top-right corner reading "Roof". The area itself was not very interesting, but given what it was, that was to be expected. Tamakashi couldn't hold back a snarky comment about it, though, saying, "Well this is helpful." The coyote then scoffed, crossing his arms and turning his head to the side. "I just hope the next floor will have something for us..." he grumbled, partially hinting for Hershel to press the button again. [[ Responding to @Milkamel ]]
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"Yes, this doesn't seem very helpful to give hints on where we are. I should probably get a few more slides before I could probably find out the answer we are looking for." Layton implied, placing down the paper he recently found on a desk next to him. "We'll take a look at this later. Let's focus on the projection." He said, as he took a glance at the image again before pressing the button once again. [[Re: @CWT]]
Descole kept his sword at his side, quite alert of any threats. Protecting people wasn't really his thing, but this was a time where he probably had to. He sometimes dragged his sword across the ground to mark it, making extra precautions in case the two get lost and want to return to the spot where Descole marked the tree. [[Re: @TrainerCalliope]]
The book of laws shatters.
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hello i am a little calcium critter wanting to eat your spectral leiomanos for a fee of 250k credits or 250 gp each leiomano. step right up. oh yes i am also looking for shiny dexes you can see the ones i need right here. just pm me which ones you have and the price you put on each dex and we'll negotiate from there.
Gracidea's AvatarGracidea
Gracidea's Avatar
Alsafi kept mental notes of where Descole was marking. She looked farther ahead and spotted what seemed to be the sillouettes of buildings in the distance. It'd probably be a hot minute till they got there, but there was some idea of a destination... [@Milkamel]
"Ugh, what happened to me?" asked a feminine voice. A young girl, with oddly long white hair, sat up, causing the boy laying face-down on her stomach to tumble into the water. The boy, whose name was Ben, instantly awoke and came spluttering up to the surface. "Ember?" he asked, brown hair soaked through. "Where are we?" "Don't know," she said, looking up to see a strange blue-and-silver structure. A structure she recognized. A structure she thought she'd never see outside of her favorite video game series, The Legend of Zelda. "Oh dear Triforce," she murmured. "We're in the Zora's Domain!" "You mean the place where all the mermaids hang out?" asked Ben, whose knowledge of that series was limited to having played through the first three dungeons of Ocarina of Time 3D. And that his sister got very ticked-off when he called the Zoras "mermaids". "THEY'RE NOT MERMAIDS THEY HAVE LEGS," snarled Ember. Ben realized Ember had her bow and her quiver with her. He humorously ducked back under the water with an expression of pure terror on his face. (I'm willing to RP with anyone, but to ensure that everyone gets a chance I'm gonna follow the Forum Games' rule of "wait three posts before posting again", kay? EDIT: Just to be clear, they're in the BotW Zora's Domain. Let's leave the rest of the Zelda Timeline out of this or things will get complicated.)
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Descole stopped marking when he focused on Alsafi's discovery. "A city, eh? Do you think we should go there?" He asked, about to put away his sword into the depths of his cloak. There was probably already an answer, since they were quite close to it, but he just had to make sure. He did have somewhat of an idea of what to do if they decided to go to the city. [[Re: @TrainerCalliope]]
Gracidea's AvatarGracidea
Gracidea's Avatar
Alsafi nodded calmly, diverting her attention backto Descole. “That seems like the best option right now. Hopefully we’ll find others as well and we’d have a larger traveling group. It’d be safer, unless someone starts trouble...” She replied, “And I’m not afraid to stop any disputes.” She then looked ahead once again and sighed. Hopefully the city wouldn’t be completely abandoned? ((@Milkamel))
Milkåmel's AvatarMilkåmel
Milkåmel's Avatar
"I see. The more the merrier, I guess." He responded with a small tilt of his head. Descole scratched the back of his head softly, imagining what he could and most likely shouldn't do when handling any kind of dispute, being more on the somewhat violent side. He then proceeded to look onto the city alongside Alsafi, skittering his way to the destination. [[Re: @TrainerCalliope]]
(Nobody. Nobody responded. Well, I won't give up. Somebody will RP with me eventually.) "Come on, Keese-for-brains," said Ember, as her brother nervously resurfaced. "I don't think we're gonna have any questions answered below Zora's Domain. Unless that Zora that was stuck on the tower does one of his dives and spots us." Cue a not-so-far-off splash. Ember yelped and began trying to draw as much attention to herself as possible. Ben just got out of the water. "Hey, you mind getting us up to Zora's Domain?" Ember asked when the Zora approached. Ben had his eyes covered like he couldn't believe what was happening. And then something else occurred to him... "How's he gonna get us up there?" he asked while the Zora was at a fair distance. "Ever hear of that thing with trout swimming up waterfalls?" Ember said, still beckoning the Zora. Ben looked a bit confused, not getting it. He got it soon enough, though, when the Zora carried them on his back straight up the waterfall he'd jumped from. "Arigato for the assistance," said Ember with a little bow. The Zora gave an uneasy nod, not knowing what that meant. Ben just plain looked freaked-out. "How do you do that in the game?" he nervously asked her, when they were out of the Zora's earshot. "Zora Armor," Ember 'explained'. Ben still didn't understand and didn't think he wanted to. "Uh, is that normal?" he suddenly asked, gesturing to a ruined city on the other side of a long bridge-Ember figured the bridge was more for Hylian comfort, but she didn't bring this up to Ben. "No, n-not really," said Ember. "I mean, naturally there are a few ruins in a post-apocalyptic Hyrule, but nothing like that! That doesn't even look like the Zelda series at all!" Ben stared for a moment. "I'mma check it out," he said. Ember shot straight up, both at her brother's use of such stupid slang (in her opinion) and his desire to explore creepy ruins that shouldn't be there. "Benbenbenbenben WAIT!" she cried, running after her brother across the silver bridge. Ben went as far as blowing a raspberry at Ember to keep her chasing him so they wouldn't get separated. Who knew what would happen if Ben wasn't there to keep his sister safe? She always got too nervous to wield her bow in close combat-it was only good for sniping opponnts from afar (which she was pretty good at). The siblings ran across the bridge and into the ruined city. (Okay, this is really aimed at @TrainerCalliope & @Milkamel, but I'm cool with anybody.)
KüMã's AvatarKüMã
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(Don't have the time right now for a long post, so just quick responses for now) Fosahqon stared down the newcomer untrustingly. It saw the girl's voice as weak, causing to dragon to relax. The beast turned, walking closer and lowering their head to be at their height. Frost gives a quick sniff. "Explanation?" @Trainer Calliope
Gaelen watched the screen change. The slide made him have a duller expression. He slithered onto the ground, shifting back into his human form with a hand on his hip. "I question why they would need a slide for the roof in the first place." @ Milkamel and CWT
There was a rip in space appearing near the Ben Ten Fandom characters. Inside looked strange as it was mostly empty galaxy looking space with black boxes with blue glowing markings. Promptly, Ain was sent flying out of the rip by some attack, nearly causing him to crash into Ember as he hit the ground just past her. Shortly after, the rift in space closed. @jirachiSter 5525
FEEEED HEEEER Can I Haz Yer Rockruffs? Please? :3

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