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Crossover RP - Merging Realities {RP;; OPEN}

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It was only a few minutes when Layton uncovered himself. Whatever the thing was, it wasn't moving, or that's what he sees. He tried to make out what the figure in the distance was, maybe taking a few steps closer, or squinting. But that didn't work, at least for him, it didn't. He let out a small "hmph" in frustration. The only ways he could figure it out is either calling out for it, or walking to it. Both may seem risky, but Layton felt like he needed to know what it was. It was better to call out to it first. "Hello? Are you there? At all?" He called out. While waiting for a response, he backed away two steps, incase he was ready to run.
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"... Was that Ralsei?" Lancer asked himself when he heard the cry for help. He was very confused now, and started a slow walk torwards the sound. He was hoping it wasn't a Lightner, as he would probably attack it by instinct. He deicided walking was too slow and hopped onto his bike, of which he pulled right out of nowhere, and started peddling.
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Approximate Time Passed - 2 Days in Earth Time Weather - Very cloudy and moist, very high chance of rain Klonoa was a little flustered that he finally found another living soul, so he tried the best he could to speak. The speaker looked a bit similar to him, but sounded annoyed so Klonoa tried not to make them more angry. "I think I twisted my ankle.." He said, not being very cautious with giving out info that could lead to him being vunerable. Wiping a few tears out of his eyes, Klonoa silently wished that his friends were here to help.
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Well, at least it was nothing major. Then again, Mansha knew how much of a pain - both literally and figuratively - something like that can be. Not wanting to leave this person to their own devices, the Mimiga told them, "Alright, stay right here. I'll be right back with something to ease the pain." With that, he dashed away, going full speed back to the village to retrieve some plants he knew were good at relieving pain, before hurrying back to the spot the newcomer was. Overall, the trip would take about 24 seconds, with most of it consisting of getting to and from the village. After returning to the strange creature, Mansha handed them the leaves, saying, "Here. Chewing these should help." He sounded less annoyed this time, mostly due to being called out by his companions and making an effort to seem more friendly.
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When Lancer had arrived, he hopped off his bike. He had been munching on chocolate, so he had slimy brown liquid dripping from the corner of his mouth. He scanned Klonoa up and down, ignoring everything else. "... Ralsei, did you get ear extensions?... And a new outfit?... What's with the collar?" He asked. "... Want some chocolate?" He stretched his arm out, waving the slimy chocolate bar in front of his nose. He hadn't noticed his ankle, and he had totally forgotten that animals get extremely sick when fed chocolate.
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Layton didn't get a response. He shrugged it off, and ran in another direction, at least trying to find something, somewhere, or someone interesting to investigate. He did change a few directions on the way, but nothing caught his interest for the entire time he ran. Mr. Tophat dude had traveled possibly 3 miles now from running. A break would be fine. He stopped under a large cliff, and sat down to catch his breath. He also took this time to recollect his thoughts after the run. After this, he got up and wandered around the area. What could Layton possibly find here?
Somehow, it has not started raining yet. After standing under the shelter, still with no answer from anyone, and still with no change in the weather aside from the cloud cover growing. "... Standing here is pointless" Matilda finally says to herself, now moving from the spot she was stood in to head to... Somewhere, she wasn't sure. "I hope I find someone around here eventually. I don't have any of my friends around here, and I would much rather travel around with someone else to talk to, instead of just being alone..." of course, she knew that it had to rain eventually, so she searched her bag and got out an umbrella, ready to put it up for when it did finally start raining. To others, it would probably be a bit odd, seeing a monkey walking around with a backpack and holding an umbrella despite also wearing a hat... Even IF that hat was mostly fabric.
For once Stephen could not just it idle for just once , the urge of himself being eager to fly over towards the small group of unidentified creatures just to see the uproar caused by the sudden scream from a distance . He once again took his paws another step on the grassy plains once more and walked over towards the ' Childish ' like creature with an offer for help` " Twisted your ankle? " Stephen spoke out , in a slightly rather serious tone. You felt rather scared or frightened with the Fox himself . But he isnt standing there without a patient to recover . He did remember his past life being a Neurosurgeon . A heartless one to be exact . Stephen would just try to forget about it . He quickly thinks of a way to help the pain fade away . " Any slightly taller rocks around here? I need something to let the legs rest upon a height higher than the waist or the heart while someone gets me something ' Icy ' . Another thing is that - ". He applied slight compression over on the Dog - like rabbit's legs . Helping to ease out the pain while he hopes for someone to get those supplies from him. [[ I totally dont steal this information from google Wink Wink ]]
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”Helloooooooo?!” The slightly frustrated war goddess, Minervamon, was currently walking around the remains of Mount Olympus. It wasn’t the same, for there was the lack of the gods and other resident Digimon, along with some strange sights that changed the appearence of the mountain. Things like buses and stops signs were dug into them, with some red and blue building with a logo that contained two half circles with a even smaller circle in the middle was seen in the distance. There were more things to be described, but this paragraph would turn into a novel. The maiden then broke into a run, hoping to find any of her fellow gods. Heck, she may even team up with Vulcanusmon out of all gods just to find a way out of this mess.
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The black mamba slumber on top of a building of his own city. The serpent was coiled up around what was the cable in his world. Who knows what odd object it had become during the fusion. Either way, now it produced heat that the snake found comfortable with warming his body. It fairly hot, but not enough to burn his durable skin. Sunlight pierced through the clouds onto him just for a second. That was long enough for him to wake up and hiss in distaste. It wasn't that he couldn't be in sunlight cause why would he even be on top of a building if that was the case? No, he simply didn't want to be woken up by the inanimate object in the sky. Gaelen slithered away from his resting place, turning human as he approached the edge of the building, narrowing his eyes. He had been hoping his band members would return to their studio inside the building, but with two days dead and gone. He figured that it was possible they weren't even here. Two days? He looked at his hand. He hadn't had a proper meal since the day before the fuision, mainly because he hadn't sensed a soul. here was quite cozy, but he had to find another creature or creatures. At least to know he had some supply of food. What a pain. He just wanted to sleep until someone else found him. The impure put his hands in his pockets as he closed his eyes before letting himself fall off the building. He enjoyed the accreditation to the ground, the wind against his features. He spread his arms out as if he could fly during the day. When eh was within a few meters of the ground, he disappeared in thin air. Reappearing on his two feet on the ground. He felt a sharp and brief pulse in his head before it went away completely. He looked around before walking in a random direction, his skateboard over his shoulder.
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