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Price of items in trade vs Market? (also specifically Shelter Pa

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KainCrow's AvatarKainCrow
KainCrow's Avatar
I received advices from a few others that price of items at the marketboard are generally inflated, and that I would able to buy a items cheaper with ZC. So I am wondering. 1. if there's any way I can get an idea on how much items cost in trades, like which tradeshops have reasonably priced items, because I found 'hunt' requests are generally cheaper in comparison to market, some of them, on market, about double the price of hunt. 2. how much would it cost to buy a Shelter Pass ★, with ZC vs Credits. Help, anyone?
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Fuchsfee's AvatarFuchsfee
Fuchsfee's Avatar
Your first question is not easy to answer. Prices change all the time. For some items more than for others. It all comes down to rarity and popularity of an item. And also how much users are willing to pay for a specific item generally. Essentially you'll have to put in the time and effort to research and compare these prices. Take a look at the Market Board to get a rough idea of the price. You can also convert the market price to GP and ZC by using the common conversion rate of 5k Credits : 5 GP : 1 ZC, keeping in mind that many users use slightly different conversion rates. This should give you a point to start off at the very least. Then go to the trade forums and trade shops, search for threads selling the item and compare prices. (If you find a thread selling your desired item for a price that looks cheaper than what you've seen until then, do yourself a faver and at least subscribe to that thread or bookmark it.) The more time you are willing so spent researching the better will be your chances to find a really good offer somewhere. The second question luckily isn't as difficult. The Shelter Pass ★ sells for 1,000 in the Shelter. In the Marked Board it's been sold for 5,500,000 recently. And I rarely see it being sold on the trade forums. Your best option here might be looking for users trading their ZC for your Credits at a 5k Credits : 1 ZC rate until you've got the 1,000 ZC you need. ^^
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KainCrow's AvatarKainCrow
KainCrow's Avatar
Ok, thanks for the response! (Locking Thread)

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