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TheRPGNerd's AvatarTheRPGNerd
TheRPGNerd's Avatar
How do I unlock the levels on a Pokemon? Is there a way to? It confuses me why people lock the levels on shinies and sell them, since to me that makes them kinda useless. Any idea how to? I've looked it up on Google and the Wiki and found nothing.
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I'm not sure about other sellers, but I tend to lock the shinies I hatch because I know other people like to raise them themselves, adjusting IVs or evolving them themselves, which is much easier if the received shiny is locked at level one. As for unlock, it's really easy! Just view the Pokemon on its page, and click the three little lines you see in the lower right hand corner of the section where the Pokemon is displayed and you see its type and everything. You'll see all kinds of options, including EXP Unlock! This can be done on the Party and Profile screens as well :)
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Eby's AvatarEby
Eby's Avatar
Go to the pokemon's profile, click the 3 lines and then click EXP unlock
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TheRPGNerd's AvatarTheRPGNerd
TheRPGNerd's Avatar
thanks guys! that really helps, i was kinda stuck on how to do this :) I'll probably do that if i ever have any pokemon i want to sell.

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