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The Stars Above

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Kate1998's AvatarKate1998
Kate1998's Avatar
Chapter 1:The Staraptor's Reign
All the Pokemon of the newly discorvered Karil region were ruled by a Staraptor named Star.Of all the regions,Star could fly up higher than any Staraptor there is.This Staraptor could fly up to the stars,which is why he was called Star.The Staraptor ruled over the Karil region,defeating any opponents there is. One day though,a terrible storm that only the Legendary Birds could have done,arose.Staraptor tried stopping the storm but... (that's chapter 1 so far!)
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Kate1998's AvatarKate1998
Kate1998's Avatar
Chapter 2:The Sacrifice
...As Staraptor was flying higher and higher,Staraptor was able to use Aerial Ace to get rid of some of the clouds,but when Staraptor flew to the clouds to get the final hit,he was struck by lightning after the Aerial Ace used to get rid of the storm once and for all.Staraptor fell to the ground,badly injured.The second in command,a Pidgeot named Tochika,which ka means bird,chi meaning thousand,and to meaning soar,glide all in Japanese.Tochika flew Star to the Pokemon Center,Tochika knew he was going the wrong way,so he flew up to the Pokemon center,and hoped he had got there in time.When Tochika went in the Pokemon Center,he put Staraptor down on the Emergency Bed,which went to the healing center immediately.When Nurse Joy came in with the results,she said,"Star didn't make it.You are the next leader for a while.

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Kate1998's AvatarKate1998
Kate1998's Avatar
Chapter 3:Zapdos's and Articuno's Rage
...Darkness quickly rose around the world.At a cave called Arinel Cave,Zapdos was telling Articuno,"As the storm rages on,we shall become victorious,and we will be valued again.I don't want people to ignore Moltres anymore!Moltres is the only legendary who can beat you!Heatran can't even lay a bit of lava on you." As Zapdos kept on talking,Articuno got hungry.Articuno's hunting alarm went off,luckily for Articuno,so Articuno could hunt.Articuno used the secret hunting exit,and saw Moltres there. Moltres said,"I'm glad you are caring for me.I'll help you hunt,for a price.You have to convince Zapdos to stop the storm.With the storm,I can't hunt.I feel miserable without hunting."Articuno nodded,and convinced Zapdos to stop the storm. Back at the town of Ignitus,Tochika was taking care of problems all around the town,and was ready for the news for tommorow to get written.Tochika called the fastest Pokemon in the town,Minato,to get ready for the news.
Kate1998's AvatarKate1998
Kate1998's Avatar
Chapter 4:The Burning Aura Sphere
Minato sent everybody the news,and watched as the town of Ignitus grew calmer.Suddenly,a human-like shadow was on the tallest point in the town.The shadow hopped to many different points,then finally reached the ground.It's eyes were a crimson-like color,with what looked like black hair,with red at the end.It looked like a Lucario that could destroy Ignitus with one Aura Sphere. The figure turned back to normal,instead of a shadow.The figure said,"I need to see the leader of this town.I need to tell them something.I don't have time for jokes."Minato replied,"If you are going to try to kill our leader,he's a flying type,so you will have lots of trouble if you are going to try to kill him."The figure said,"I'm Lucas.I am from Cerulean Cave.I trained with Mewtwo,then I figured out about the town of Ignitus.I want to move here,to try and save this town."Lucas was led over to Tochika's office,and moved into Ignitus for the first time.
"No matter what happens,I will protect Ignitus with my Burning Aura Sphere."-Lucas
Kate1998's AvatarKate1998
Kate1998's Avatar


Finally back!I was grounded for 3 weeks so sorry for the delays!Banner for a Pokemon's Way Home is complete!Down below is the banner!Credit to AsteroidPizza39!Link to his banner shop is down below!
Setup is down below!Has the same pic but different link!
Kate1998's AvatarKate1998
Kate1998's Avatar
Chapter 5:Kakashi and All That Reign
It seemed Kakashi and the others were going to be in Ignitus quite a while.Petal was hoping to visit the Garden of Apple Blossoms,the place where apple blossoms grew all year round.Kakashi was hoping to go back to that amazing food place,"The Sizzling Bacon,"a delicacy to all that ate the bacon. Everybody was assigned their own house,except for Kakashi and Lucas.Lucas and Kakashi were living together in Ignitus,just like their childhood.The next day,everybody met up at The Sizzling Bacon again to have some breakfast.Kakashi said,"Ever since I left Ignitus,I have been craving this good bacon." Bellossom said,"Let's go train in a little while so just in case we run into something crazy,like Giratina."Everybody agreed except for Pine,who shivered at even somebody mentioning Giratina. Pine said,"Why not visit the garden first?I hear that there is a special rose that Petal needs for unleashing her full power."That convinced Kakashi.After everybody was finished eating,they all headed towards the Garden of Apple Blossoms. Kakashi said,"I'll find more roses than any of you,just for Petal!"Everybody was looking around the garden for the roses,and Kakashi found 50 in only 5 minutes.Petal put every one of them on her dress,and Petal suddenly grew taller,as tall as Kakashi in fact.Was what Pine said about the flowers true?Kakashi thought. Suddenly,just as everybody gathered up again,Giratina appeared.Petal used a flower to play a song with a tune familiar to everybody.It was the Diantha theme!Suddenly,everybody started glowing.Kakashi said,"This will be easy,"while transforming into something crazy.Full fury type had been activated,making Kakashi 10 times stronger!Kakashi said,"Fury Style:Crimson eye of Death!"Giratina was suddenly pulled in the void. Giratina started screaming,"Kakashi,I will get you!Eventually I will,and you will never see life again!"Kakashi's Fury Mode disabled,and Kakashi nearly fell down,before Petal saved him. Petal said,"Kakashi,you shouldn't push yourself that hard.We've got to get you to the 炎のリーダー(Leader of Flames) immediately!Suddenly,like Petal predicted the future,the 炎のリーダー(Honō no rīdā) came over,saving Kakashi.Everybody was taken to the office of the Flame Leader. (Cliffhanger!Chapter 6 and the RP reveals more!)
RP is here!
Kate1998's AvatarKate1998
Kate1998's Avatar
Chapter 6:Peace of Minds
It was a normal day in Ignitus.After everything that had happened,there was peace yet again.Arceus even was in Kate's hands.Kate now lived in the Hall of Origin,and Kakashi was sent to guard Ignitus for a while.Every once in a while,Kakashi would visit the Hall of Origin to see Kate again,but things changed for Lucas.Lucas knew his younger brother was back in Ignitus,but something occurred to him that somebody near was wanting Ignitus destroyed.


Sorry this was cut so short!I have a short time on Pokefarm,and I have been really busy as well.I'll be sure to post something soon.

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