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Shelter Exclusives

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AxelGirl30's AvatarAxelGirl30
AxelGirl30's Avatar
I read the wiki page for exclusives and saw the ways you can get them from there being Events, Breeding, Trading, Special Means. To this though, I know you can get already hatched exclusives from the non-egg portion of the shelter, but can you get unhatched exclusive eggs from the egg section? I've never seen one myself and just wanted to get a clear answer.
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Yay's AvatarYay
Yay's Avatar
Yeah it’s possible. People can release exclusive eggs. It isn’t super common though.
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Kahuna's AvatarKahuna
Kahuna's Avatar
Very rarely. Most people wouldn't release exclusive eggs to the shelter, first of all, and if they do, a large portion of exclusive eggs released to the shelter get deleted. You might find one, but I wouldn't look for them.
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I've gotten a Solynx egg from the shelter before so I can confirm that it's possible, but like the others said it's a pretty rare occurrence.
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AxelGirl30's AvatarAxelGirl30
AxelGirl30's Avatar
Okay, thank you all. I've never caught one myself so far but I knew in the old pokefarm it was possible as I saw a handful in the shelter back then. I'll go ahead and lock this now that I have my answer. <3

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