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Aryafire1's AvatarAryafire1
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How does the Pokewalker exactly work? The wiki has me lost.
Saturnbear's AvatarSaturnbear
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From what I've gathered, it's somewhat of a side game only accsessable via pokefarm on phone, in which you can 'send out' your pokemon on the pokewalker, and if you actually go out and walk (I think? This bit has me confused as well.) your pokemon could come back with items. I could be wrong, but this is what i've got. Tl;dr, a mini game for pokefarm accsessable via phone.
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Gørdeen's AvatarGørdeen
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So youre asking how it works? Well it is simple what you need to do is walk with the pokewalker on your phone then you will earn steps. 20 steps is 1 watt Watts have some uses anyways such as to get items,pokemons,and unlock new zone PS:You need to send a pokemon to an area before you use the pokewalker
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Aryafire1's AvatarAryafire1
Aryafire1's Avatar
Huh... I'll look into it. Edit: What does the site use to count the steps?
Yay's AvatarYay
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QUOTE originally posted by Wiki

The Pokéwalker rewards Watts based on your distance traveled. This information is collected by using the GPS in a user's mobile device. However, the GPS is disabled when the screen is off, as well as when the user is navigating the menu or playing a minigame. To conserve battery, try to check in on your phone every once and a while. This way, some of your distance traveled will be counted.
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Aryafire1's AvatarAryafire1
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Ah, I see...

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