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Price of Shinies/Albinos Exclusives or variants[Solved]

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MaleAi's AvatarMaleAi
MaleAi's Avatar
I would like to know a rate of prices for the exclusives and variants of pokemon. I would love if someone could help me with this :s Thanks♥
KishanHaru's AvatarKishanHaru
KishanHaru's Avatar
Honestly? It’s all dependent on the exclusive/variant and how difficult it is to breed and how much demand there is for it. Something like Kinaster would be more expensive since it’s harder to breed but something super popular might also be decently priced. It might be easier to scour the trade forums and see if you can find anyone else selling what you intend to hunt/sell or just set your price decently high and slowly lower it until it sells. Also, if you’re talking about regular versions and not shinies, those are all decently cheap for the breedable ones. Somewhere between 25 gp for some variants to 100 gp for some exclusives.
MaleAi's AvatarMaleAi
MaleAi's Avatar
Oh, I see, well I'll try tp use the tips you gave! And thanks for answering ❤

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