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Hi! So in a template I once had, there was a code that let text appear when the cursor was above a picture or text, and I can't remember how it went, for the life of me. O-O I'd love it and really appreciate it if someone could remind of what the code is, so I can put it away in my journal, so I never have to ask, again. @w@ Thank you! WE
Hey! I'm on Tumblr with the same username I have here, on PFQ, if anyone wants to follow me... Icon: Lee Hoseok (Wonho) of Monsta X
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Made by myself, only official game sprites used.
My username is German. Just call me Fox. Please check my Shop. (Shinies/Albinos, Summons + other items)
Images used for avatar and signature Vulpix are official game sprites recolored by me.

QUOTE originally posted by Fuchsfee

Yes! That's just what I was looking for! Thank you. ^w^

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