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Price my art ^^;

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I've done a bunch of art threads, usually for free or a pay what you want thing. And basically, I need another way to make some money on pfq because box hunting isn't cutting it. I know there are more ways but this is a main way i'm using now So I'd like if people here could price my art. My expectations aren't to high as someone had told me it was worth 15 gp once. Here are some examples or something ;;


I'm currently working on another piece but this is the most recent thing that i'm kind of proud of.
loucariogirl's Avatarloucariogirl
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HeptapodOne's AvatarHeptapodOne
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Hey there ^^ I think that you’re art is worth wayyyyyy more than 15gp. No ones art is worth THAT little. Especially if they put time and effort into it. I don’t have an exact price but I just came here to say that.
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give me steel statues
i want boxes
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I think your art has potential and I honestly need more human stuff. I would like to pay 50gp for a headshot exactly like your "bwip". My human has long black hair, glasses, eyes closed, open mouth smile, and (if you can manage it, just give it a try please) a set of black headphones with pink covering the human ears and pink cat ears on top with a black microphone. I will link some examples below. Good luck!

Examples, DO NOT STEAL

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loucariogirl's Avatarloucariogirl
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I'll sure try ^^; I don't know if or when i'll finish it since my motivation is all over the place normally. Plus I have school and stuff so it depends.
I'll put 50gp in my money safe for you
Weasel's AvatarWeasel
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I wouldn't think it to be smart or efficient to just accept 15GP for your art! I think 100GP is a much fairer price, and you should also come up with different types of comissions someone can get. If they just want a sketch, or lineart, or a shaded piece, the price may differ. Although I myself probably wouldn't comission you, ((since i can draw myself)), people who do want to comission you should pay a fairer price than 15GP.

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bump ^^
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