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the real Pine wakes up in a forest "huh what happen" the memories hit him in a second "oh yeah i need to get back to the others stupid dittos" while standing up he looks around "this is going to be a while" starts walking around lost
MX's AvatarMX
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Shadow was totally not looking at Sylvia funny. He definitely did not think she was... "Cute..." Shadow muttered out loud on accident. "What did you say?" Marrow said with a grin on his face. "What? I didn't say anything!" Shadow said with a, you could call it, a blush on his face, although it just looked like lighter purple.
Thank you, and have a great day!!!
Dusk noticed Shadow blush. "well well well," he muttered, "looks like there'll be a contest for this one.
*Mega Lucario sprite made by PFQ
MX's AvatarMX
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Marrow heard Dusk and said to him, "You make her sound like a trophy, how rude."
Dusk was surprised by this remark. What he had meant was that smply two of them had a crush on her and only one would be able to go out, and therefore they would have to have some form of competition, either sporting or talking, to decide who would get the honor.
MX's AvatarMX
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[ Speaking of love, have you guys seen the upcoming event? Bellossom has some competition as well! ;) ]
Bellossom was still asleep. She, as well as Kakashi, was dreaming. However, her dream was not a pleasant one. She was falling... falling... falling... and then she heard a soft murmur. She looked around. Bright eyes. Giratina was watching her.
Kate1998's AvatarKate1998
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Kakashi could see Petal's suffering and used a special spell on Petal that completely removed the nightmare.Kakashi was guarding Petal like crazy,making sure that nobody hurt Petal.
Wanting:Ice/Flying Gems of any Size
Needing 140 Ice
Needing 140 Flying
Shiny Articuno Hunt
All non-shiny Articuno are UFT I hatch!

Price:100k cr/100gp/30zc Each

Okay,I'm going on vacation.Protect the town,alright? Okay then master.
5 mins later
BACON PARTYYY!!! *sighs*COME THE HECK ON! Welp,gonna get me some- Nope.
Featured Story
Made by WinterFoxxo
"Come on Kakashi! Petal! We have to go! Quick! Let's take the stairs. Come on!" He just wanted to get it over with. If only there was a reason they were chosen. Then he wouldn't feel as bad for the others. "S-Sylvie?(blush stutter) Come and fight if you can." (We're doing project pokerus if u wanna do it rn. Me and MX r on)
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Bellossom awoke. Her eyelids opened... then closed. Opened... then closed. Opened. She saw the lovely eyes, looking down upon her, of Kakashi. She reached up and kissed him lightly upon the cheek. "Thank you..." She murmured. Then she sat up and said, in a voice as delicate as the petals in an open field before a storm, as delicate as Kakashi's heart, "Yes"
Meanwhile, Shadow's heart was pounding. He was right next to Sylvia. He started to feel faint at heart. Suddenly, his cheeks turned as white (because that's how ghosts blush) as fresh snow, and he looked away from Sylvia, embarassed.
Kate1998's AvatarKate1998
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Kakashi held on to Petal,so Petal wouldn't have to climb all those stairs.As Kakashi and the others went up the stairs all the way to Pidgeot's room,Kakashi realized Sylvia was the outcast from Kakashi's childhood.After Kakashi explained everything,everybody sat down for a nice cup of juice,the special kind from the Ignian berries,native to Ignitus.

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