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pinapple179's Avatarpinapple179
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The flower at the top of the hill let off an amazing aroma That caught lucario´s nose and lead it to the flower that kinda look like bellossom
Aster and Dusk rushed upstairs to see what was going on. "Petal? What's wrong!" shouted Dusk. It seemed that Ri's conversation didn't end well. He wasn't suer what to do, but he knew if he didn't do something, Ri and Petal would get hurt. So he decided that it would be beter for only one person to get hurt. In the blink of an eye, he leaped in between their attacks as they fired. It was the last thing Dusk saw before he blacked out (fainted)
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pinapple179's Avatarpinapple179
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The flower looked up and turned out to be a Snivy with a flower tail and design he went into the portal and apeared with the others 0-0 ¨um¨"looks around room and see the pocemon fainted than sighs ¨why must every pokemon fight¨ Pine uses aromatherapy on the whole room and the room fills with a scent that puts the other pokemon to sleep or a incredbly calm state (so miss read something so decided to just jump in portal cuz why not)
Aryafire1's AvatarAryafire1
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Winter viciously shook her head. "You! She was possessed! It... wont..." She drifted downwards and fell asleep.
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pinapple179's Avatarpinapple179
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¨possed well thats new i should probaly wake them up¨ taps the sleeping pokemmon who just fell asleep¨hello who is u¨
(Dusk will be unconsious for a while btw) "Wh-what happened?" asled a weary Aster. He saw Dusk on the ground and immediately ran over. "Are you okay?!?"
pinapple179's Avatarpinapple179
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¨well at least someones awake so waht happened here¨wakes over to him and trainer
Kate1998's AvatarKate1998
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Lucario felt a burning sensation,and told Aster,"First,you betray me,then you try hurting the love of my life!Why,why?"Lucario really didn't want to deal with Aster today,so Lucario grabbed Bellossom and asked Arceus to find a place Aster can't get Bellossom.
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pinapple179's Avatarpinapple179
pinapple179's Avatar
¨k so im getting a drift that there is back story here any one wanna fill me in¨ wakes to lucario and follows leaveing behind a flower ¨imma go with him the bellosom might need help¨
(Uhh Kate in what way did Aster do anything to petal that was the new guy remember?)
Dusk is still unconscious from Kakashi and Petal's attacks)
I wish I could understand them... let alone this, thought Aster. If only Arceus could let him understand them. Maybe not talk to them but at least understand the Pokemon. Then the situation would be a LOT less confusing (and when can Arceus explain everything)

Pages: 123··· 1819202122··· 404142

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