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Is the EXP share worth it? + others

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jupiterCoffee's AvatarjupiterCoffee
jupiterCoffee's Avatar
Waddup guys!!! So I've been considering buying the EXP share, but I'm torn about it because I'm not sure if I should buy it right now. I meant to save up to get the S shelter pass first and then maybe one of the flutes :s I mass click a LOT so I could definitely benefit from it, but is it actually worth it? And if yes, should I get it asap or should I wait a bit? What are your indispensable account upgrades you wish you had bought sooner?
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ACottontail's AvatarACottontail
ACottontail's Avatar
The exp share is amazing. It's great for evolving pokemon below level 20 and helps in hatching eggs. It works great when you massclick however it's more of a slight boost when party clicking. I recommend you get it the next time you feel like massclicking and you have eggs or below level 20 pokemon you want to evolve.
Bloodmagick's AvatarBloodmagick
Bloodmagick's Avatar
The EXP share is great for hatching eggs. I got mine before the egg timer came out so it was the only way to hatch eggs when no one else was on. While it is my favorite upgrade you don't really need one till you get a higher pass, one you struggle to max daily. I'd focus on getting a better pass before getting any of the other upgrades. The biggest/cheapest thing I wish I had known about earlier is the ability to edit site skins to make certain eggs in the shelter larger (great for finding specific eggs in the shelter which is what I bought the black flute for) and to make clicking click lists easier/faster(most people click back which helps hatch eggs even faster).
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jupiterCoffee's AvatarjupiterCoffee
jupiterCoffee's Avatar
So I ended up buying it and... Wow. I can't believe you can evolve pokemons this fast!!! Same with eggs. Seriously I should have done this sooner 😔 🤘 ty for your input, guys!!

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