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The 2019 No Box Open Challenge

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BluefÒxxÓ's AvatarBluefÒxxÓ
BluefÒxxÓ's Avatar
(Sheepishly sitting next to 85 opened and empty boxes) It... It wasnt me...! (Mumbles under breath about getting only a sevipernite and a rock statue) Okay, I did it because my habit of opening boxes was screaming in my ear. I got worse items than what my dream told me I would get if I opened them today. I will try again and try not to open them again {RESTART CHALLENGE?}< I will try better this time. That is the best retry button and cursor I can make
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Syräkkør's AvatarSyräkkør
Syräkkør's Avatar
I love this. I will try.
This sounds cool, though I might sell/gift a few box boxes
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Saturnbear's AvatarSaturnbear
Saturnbear's Avatar
This is pretty fun! I've already got two boxboxes, I am so hyped for 2020 lmao
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Believe's AvatarBelieve
Believe's Avatar
"This'll be fun", I said. "It'll be a nice challenge", I said I caved, sold 4 boxboxes, bought 4 m o r e boxboxes, and opened them. Props to everyone who's still going ;>
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Charsaurtle's AvatarCharsaurtle
Charsaurtle's Avatar
Before I saw this I was doing No Box Open each month but decided to do a harder challenge. So right now almost 3 boxboxes saved since the start of this month :>
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Moijras's AvatarMoijras
Moijras's Avatar
casually slides in to motivate everyone,sorry for the post >_< Good luck to everyone still going, Anyone who's failed Remember you can start again, Also I can give you a code to where you can't open and boxes but also you can't create boxBoxes so you'd need to take it off/switch to a diff skin but yeah exuse the rant XD Good luck to everyone and may you be lucky with boxes!! >3<
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Ok, i'm in for box challenge. Wonder how many boxes i get by end of 2019
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Charsaurtle's AvatarCharsaurtle
Charsaurtle's Avatar
So I opened almost all of mine for the event to get 3 big mushrooms.... Back to the beginning I suppose :D.... (4 summons and a megastone, no big mushrooms at all.)
quinnpanda's Avatarquinnpanda
quinnpanda's Avatar
I broke too... Out of 3 boxboxes, 3 summons and a Wailordite Q, 1 Big Mushroom.
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