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The 2019 No Box Open Challenge

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inuyasha's Avatarinuyasha
inuyasha's Avatar
I was thinking the same thing!!!! I’m already quite a bit in, so I’m super pumped for this :-)
BraveHearted's AvatarBraveHearted
BraveHearted's Avatar
I'm in for this! Techincally haven't really touched my boxes since late december, but this seems interesting.
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Milkåmel's AvatarMilkåmel
Milkåmel's Avatar
yeah babey i did open a few boxes already but whatever i don't get anything good in them anyway i'll probably use the css because i'm kinda impatient but i think i'll be ok :D
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Moijras's AvatarMoijras
Moijras's Avatar
I've already opened some boxes, I have no self Restraint buuuut, I guess I'm in starting today XD
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m21mcnaughton's Avatarm21mcnaughton
m21mcnaughton's Avatar
I’m in for this challenge. I haven’t opened any boxes yet this year so I want to see how far I get before I cave
Bluefoxxo's AvatarBluefoxxo
Bluefoxxo's Avatar
Im in. Using CSS for box opening prevention as it is hard for me to not open boxes.
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Meguca's AvatarMeguca
Meguca's Avatar
Oh my God, I'd love to do this, but I absolutely couldn't. I have no self control. A year is a long time to wait.

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Thebndjames's AvatarThebndjames
Thebndjames's Avatar
15 Days into 2019 i was able to stack my first BoxBox :D Going with this rate and somem luck we should be able to get a Gragon's Stash by en 2019
jarjarkai's Avatarjarjarkai
jarjarkai's Avatar
May I request something of all of you? When you finally do decide to open up your boxes, mark down what you get? :D
Moijras's AvatarMoijras
Moijras's Avatar
@JarJarKai, Heck yeah, I wont be able to keep track otherwise! ^0^

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