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The 2019 No Box Open Challenge

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Thebndjames's AvatarThebndjames
Thebndjames's Avatar
So i just thought of this nice challenge for 2019. Spend The entirety of 2019 Without Opening a single box. Until 1st of January of 2020, Where we'll do a mass opening. BONUS : Stack all the boxes you get and try to achieve Gragon's Stash.
Dingo Blue's AvatarDingo Blue
Dingo Blue's Avatar
100% doing this now I swear except for like yesterday when I opened boxes to try for relics ;-; Let me make a blood pact for this xD Gragon’s Stash should be easy it’s only like 600 boxes right? right???
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Kahuna's AvatarKahuna
Kahuna's Avatar
I'm a few days late to start this, but I'm going to attempt this too :) I had to put a little CSS to use because I have no self control to prevent me from opening boxes, lol
.boxlist button{ pointer-events: none; }
Hopefully I will find it in me to not disable this
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MintyDeku's AvatarMintyDeku
MintyDeku's Avatar
Not opening boxes for an entire year? I'm in. Even though saving up for two months was hard, I'm gonna see if opening this many boxes will be rewarding, as opening even 160 was a bit underwhelming.

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Daft's AvatarDaft
Daft's Avatar
Heck I'd love to try but I have so much stuff to buy for gp qwq Might hop in at some point!! Definitely sounds fun
ImaFishstick's AvatarImaFishstick
ImaFishstick's Avatar
YES This sounds fun!I wanna do this so badly.I will have to use that CSS Kahuna posted because I cant resist pressing the “Open” button. Edit: Yay it works!The CSS is awesome qwq
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Elkwarden's AvatarElkwarden
Elkwarden's Avatar
This is so tempting, but knowing my lack of self control i wont last more than two months haha. Eh, oh well, Ill try my best!
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Vio99's AvatarVio99
Vio99's Avatar
I'm in too! I haven't opened boxes for a while xD only sold some boxboxes Sooo probably I'll be doing the same until next year
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Alkali's AvatarAlkali
Alkali's Avatar
Ooooh I'd love to try this. Even if I cave early, I'll at least know that I tried ^^'
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Oh I might do this! I haven't opened any boxes this year, so we should be good to start ^.^
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