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Caramel123's AvatarCaramel123
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I have this question thatsthat's beeeen bbothering me, what does the Q mean in Pokefarm Q does it have a meaning or just to make it fancy🤔???
Ilyriss's AvatarIlyriss
Ilyriss's Avatar
Nobody knows... There was a massive discussion about it when PFQ came out..
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mckinley's Avatarmckinley
mckinley's Avatar
maybe it’s meant to make you Question what it means ;)
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Gladion's AvatarGladion
Gladion's Avatar
official answer is that it doesn't mean anything, and was just a random letter chosen to look cool.
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magicswirls's Avatarmagicswirls
magicswirls's Avatar
Something about it sounding like '2'?
I recall Garthic saying something somewhere about how a cusive Q looks like a 2, he can post here to confirm if needed

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Eltafez's AvatarEltafez
Eltafez's Avatar
I'm not Garthic but I can confirm that Auracle is correct. I did a quick example to demonstrate: It's far from perfect but it should serve its purpose. :P If you take away the curve on the left, the number 2 can be distinguished from it.
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Niet's AvatarNiet
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Of course, that's just another fan theory - one that I like, but still not the truth ;)
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