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*Screeches of Warrior Cats and Hamilton intensifies*

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ImaFishstick's AvatarImaFishstick
ImaFishstick's Avatar
I need one of these to store my art and some info and also me screeching about Warrior Cats and Hamilton. Kinda like my diary but of course following the PFQ rules and its not any bit personal.Im probably yodel about my art, too. I try posting daily, forgive me if I don’t.Not everyday is a special day. Cringe warning!


Credits!: Art (c) Me (unless its Official pkmn art) Eevee template (c) quinn
Feel free to post here whenever you want!I love feedback and critism for my art and some other stuff <3 Contents Characters I Own 💼Contest Entries💼 Typeraces!
She/her/they/them pronouns!

my shops!

My trade shop! Banner made by bulbasaurowo (PFQ) My art shop! Banner also made by Bulba!

Bulba’s Free Sprite Shop!

Check out Bulba’s free sprite shop!
Ayyy check out my cringy journal!:💐Fishtick’s Trashy Info / Not Psrsonal Diary Like Thingy💐 avatar of my pokesona Fishtick (Purealer form) for my use only
ImaFishstick's AvatarImaFishstick
ImaFishstick's Avatar
Template used for art shop and this journal!
Template for trade shop!Rarely also used for journal.
ImaFishstick's AvatarImaFishstick
ImaFishstick's Avatar
Characters I Own Kk I really need to list my characters, I have like, 20+?

Da Weird Eevees

Kotin (Eevee) Destiny (eevee) Paige (Eevee with little cat thingy) Sole (Flareon) Sparl (Jolteon) Bubble (Vaporeon) Twighlight (Espeon) Moonlight (Umbreon) Blossom (Leafeon) Frost (Glaceon) Rose (Sylveon)

Fate at the Door

Felisha (Eevee) Baylee (Chikorita) Mido (Bidoof)

Unwanted (Canceled Comic Series)

Chicko (Chikorita) Erik (Chikorita)


Oran (Eevee with blue markings) Pecha (Eevee with pink and small green markings) Kikei (Litten from canceled comic series)


Azuli (Artic Wolf) Lapis (Sister of Diamond & Pearl, Artic wolf) Diamond (sister of Lapis & Pearl, Artic wolf) Pearl (sister of Lapis & Diamond, Artic Wolf)

Adopted Babus!

Twabble (Purple Dog)(Originally Star) Dolli (Pink Dog)

Images of Twabble and Star!

[fotn=Juice ITC]Dolli:] Twabble (Star):
ImaFishstick's AvatarImaFishstick
ImaFishstick's Avatar
I dunno what to write today, but really im getting very lazy in clicking.I didnt score a single point in the tournament, lmao.
ImaFishstick's AvatarImaFishstick
ImaFishstick's Avatar
Sunday, January 13th, 2019.
Not doing too good for the TR, only got 656 points so far. I’ll try posting in this journal daily! I had a pretty good time at art class, I got to paint an drawing of Paige qwq.I haven’t draw barely any of DWE character cast in months because im usually drawing stuff for friends.I’m trying to giveaway free gems and legendaries / mythicals to newbies. I got 1mil credits and 500 gp yesterday!The credits are from a task and the gp is from HyperMode I go around on lots of Hamilton crap, as I became hamiltrash very quickly in the middle of Winter Break.So now my news feed on the google page (mobile) is full of Hamilton stuff and Lin’s name x3 Lin is such a smol bean HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY HAMILHAM!
Alexander Hamilton
I even made a song!

Cringe warning!

you rebel

Happy birthday Hamilham! Happy birthday peice of ham! Happy birthday Hamilham! Happy birthday dead man!
Anyways, I tried drawing John Laurens thinking about Alexander Hamilton, im a Lams shipper. Like, why are the suits so freaking HARD?!So detailed, sweet jesus... Just for practice on posing.Not anything special or so.Its still W.I.P so eh. I was listening to Hamilton when drawing it so now regrets~

Im a floppy fishy fear me rawr

ImaFishstick's AvatarImaFishstick
ImaFishstick's Avatar
Im back to post! Awesome! Today team rock gets so much boosts! We get: Niet with x2.5 exp! V~wave Pkmn of the day is Amaura, a rock type qwq! The crappy thing is that school struck today.Im in the Eastern timezone, to be specific the CST (UTC+8) Bless! Didn’t draw anything on Ibis paint x yesterday..I had 2 hr art class And good thing is that Persephone’s gp bonus is on today!I can buy tons of dcp for the tourney owo.Stacked up also with hypermode! Thats all for today really.Might post later today, too.
ImaFishstick's AvatarImaFishstick
ImaFishstick's Avatar
Really wanted to do this thing because this is what journals are for... 💼Contests!💼 From Monday, January 14th,2019
and after, I will post my contest entries here!


Jan 4th - Jan 10th: “The Created” (Beauty)

It seems your popularity score let you down. Try creating a more impactful design with your Pokémon and Accessories to gain more votes and boost your score! You ranked 234th out of 1,294, placing you in the top 19% Won a barrette I completely forgot what colour!

Mon used

ImaFishstick's AvatarImaFishstick
ImaFishstick's Avatar
Its time for you to get this post already lazy butt soo... Typeraces! Ya Current TR:
Team Twinkle Tackle (Fairy)
: 656


For the first 5 months, I was inactive so im not listing those. August:
Savage Spinout (Bug
: 63 (ik its low but I was only on for a few hours then bye) Then I went inactive again.. for a month.I was on Team Breakneck Blitz (normal). October:
Bloom Doom (Grass
: 930 November:
Gigavolt Havoc (Electric)
: 962 December:
Super Sonic Skystrike (Flying)
: 947


Continetal Crush
: 1262
High Score!
Twinkle Tackle
: 656
ImaFishstick's AvatarImaFishstick
ImaFishstick's Avatar
I really hope we
Team Rock
keep the spot on the leaderboard even if we dont have the v~wave or Niet.I really want that free crystal from the goal qwq. Seems like im at a good start at 656 points.Its only been 2 days in and I have more than half than my high score.My highest was like 960 or so points?I really like hatching larvitar eggs because they give you about 42 points each party, and with a lvl 8 incubator it only takes 4 hours or so.Definitely worth it. (I just pasted that from the Team Rock thread, from this post specifically) Also, didn’t draw anything today either.Lazy as heck.I got a new avatar, yay!Its my precious sona, Pecha.Shes not an albino eevee but similar to it.Her scruff is like a pecha berry, her inner ear and pads on her paws are very dark pink and the tip of her tail is pink and a little bit of green and the very top.DO NOT STEAL HER, SHE IS ONE OF MY MOST VALUABLE SONA’S I’VE MADE SO FAR. Like just look at the cutie: (Click to open image in new tab) I better have changed it, or I would still have a ugly drawing I made of Fishtick wearing a Santa Hat even though its not even close the xmas anymore. You people should check out 💙Proton’s Sprites💙, the shop owner, tengloom made my avatar of Pecha.His prices are extremely cheap and I dont regret every single gold poke or credit I used for the payment of the awesome mugshot.
ImaFishstick's AvatarImaFishstick
ImaFishstick's Avatar
Note that the reason why im using the other eevee template is because it has a special css for hideboxes unlike the quinn one.I like that more so i’ll use it occasionally Oh woah yeah im actually keeping my promise how exciting. Just remembered this exists:

watch at your own risk

its worth it

Well that’s it, im surely gonna add that to the main post soon... I EVOLVED MY BABY BOI YAY. I feel like I don’t show enough love for Flareon?I surely do, though.I just sometimes feel like it.I like Flareon’s albino the most out of all eeveelutions and eevee because the purple looks so beautiful and the blue fits really well. I got a mosquito bite on my nose and now everybody thinks its a pimple help mee cri. Tourney is suffer.

Might contain Warrior Cat Spoilers

you sure?Ok

I just reread Twighlight in The New Prophecy (warrior cats) and I know that Cinderpelt died but its one of the saddest deaths in warrior cats cri.The saddest one which made me cry a ocean was Yellowfang. I read that part at lunch time so I was trying so hard to keep it in.I actually did keep the tears in but still. And I noticed that when somebody said Hollyleaf died, I actually cried.I DIDN’T EVEN READ HER DEATH AND I CRIED LMAO.Ohh boy I know she dies in Omen of the Stars, agh I better not read that at school or i’ll cry 2 oceans.She’s my favorite character, she’s one of the only she-cats that haven’t had kits?
Excluding medicine cats and cats not able to give birth and have a mate because of the warrior code
Same with Mousefur, her character would’ve screwed up if she had a mate Holy crap why Leafpool. I actually am glad that happened because even if she was at Cinderpelt’s side when she was attacked by the badgers, in the prologue it was legitimately all about Cinderpelt’s destiny to die soon.So she would die anyway.And without that scene, Jaybae, Lionblaze and Hollyleaf would be nonexistent currenctly.And that would mean: Shadowclan might’ve not of believed in StarClan sooner because freaking SOL Ashfur wouldn’t die The fire scene wouldn’t happen with Ashfur because without Squirrelflight’s “kits” he would’ve done that. No Hollytuft, Sorrelstripe, Spotpaw or Flypaw because Lionblaze And literally so much more I can’t list Speaking of that, I also finished Sunrise lately.Poor, poor Hollyleaf! But PURDY!WOO HOO! I love Purdy so god much. Honeyfur’s dead :(. I read that part also at lunch, I tried holding back the tears and succeeded.I feel actually somewhat bad for Berrynose for once in my life.I usually hate him a lot for beingvery annoying and bossy, but nowI feel bad.Honeyfur was the love of his life :(. That snake I will murder THAT SNAKE. Eh, thats all really.
Yay bye.Thats lots of yodelling about Warrior Cats.

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