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Team Twinkle tackle! (Fairy, January 2019)

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Ecalypse's AvatarEcalypse
Ecalypse's Avatar
Hopefully I got everyone, please let me know if I missed you!
@Darkmuffin: Not a trouble at all :> I’ve gone and added it to the main page! If anyone is going to twice as hard for an albino bunny, it’s probably me

Raffle reminder

Yes, I am going to do this everytime I post an update. The team fairy raffle is up here! Remember to join just in case you win an awesome prize! :>
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Thunderjaw's AvatarThunderjaw
Thunderjaw's Avatar
I'm on Team Fairy as well ^^ Needless to say it's my least fav type, but I'll be hatching either Cottonee or Dedenne for the TR. I am on phone however (my laptop hates me and decides to let me know it too), so I might not work my way through the clicklist a lot, sorry in advance!
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Inconspicuous's AvatarInconspicuous
Inconspicuous's Avatar
im on the team ! i'll probably put a pair in the daycare and hatch random eggies
Cosmere413's AvatarCosmere413
Cosmere413's Avatar
I'll be on this team! I won't be creating a specific chain but I will probably be hatching mostly Bunbori to try to get an albino.
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Samma-Chan's AvatarSamma-Chan
Samma-Chan's Avatar
Hello~ I'm on this team this time around! I don't know what I'll be hatching but if anyone is hunting something specific I'll be happy to help with breeding. ^^
Zerame's AvatarZerame
Zerame's Avatar
Hello! I'm on this team this month, and I'll be focusing on hatching Mimikyus!~
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VoydLust's AvatarVoydLust
VoydLust's Avatar
I'm breeding lots of ralts eggs. Hope it helps someone!
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RubyFlygon's AvatarRubyFlygon
RubyFlygon's Avatar
joining this month too, guess i'm guess i'm mostly gonna hatch Ralts or any eggs that give me the most points
sojussimblr's Avatarsojussimblr
sojussimblr's Avatar
I posted earlier in the thread, but I've settled on what I'm breeding: I found a 97% pair by chance so I'll be hatching Cleffa and Shooting Star Cleffa eggs!
Foxzebra's AvatarFoxzebra
Foxzebra's Avatar
Hello hello! I’m not the “team leader” per se, but wanted to give everyone an announcement. Reminder: Type race starts at reset today. It might be a good idea to get a party of eggs ready to hatch before then. Maybe mass click to get a good hoard of eggs ready in the daycare. Clicklist: Click often! I’m sure many people click back throughout the day (or at least I do!). Pokerus is also good if you’re looking for mass clicks (many people who hunt for rus have sorted and stacked fields). Located at the first post and often updated. V Wave: Currently, it says the V Wave for the week is as follows - ground, rock, bug, and fairy. Take advantage of this if you’re not hunting anything in particular! Tomorrow, there is no ground/fairy Pokemon. For Monday, there are three rock/fairy Pokemon: carbink, diancie, and Pixrine. For Tuesday, a good choice would be cutiefly. And finally, for Wednesday: take advantage of this and hatch as many eggs as you can! It doesn’t matter which Pokemon you hatch because we have the fairy v wave c: Raffle: Reminder that the raffle is here for the fairy team. Darkmuffin is also generous enough to give a shiny buneary to users who reach 500 points, and an albino to users who get 1,000 points. Weekly Tournament: This week’s tournament is hatching eggs bred by you. Take advantage of this and breed some eggs while getting points for the type Race as well! Anyway, after all my rambling, I hope everyone has fun! Good luck! Side note: If you’re not hunting anything in particular, it’s still very helpful for you to breed something in the daycare so everyone can have more eggs. Let the team know if you need help making a pair! Also helps with the weekly tourney.
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