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Team All-Out Pummeling (Fighting👊)

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PokefanJulie's AvatarPokefanJulie
PokefanJulie's Avatar
Hiya! This is my second type race, and I'm going to hatch Croagunk. Big Thanks to AmniIsRoving for letting me borrow a breeding pair!
💙💜World's biggest Mudkip fan!💜💙 Avatar is of me in PMD and was made by my good friend Wizard. He doesnt have a Pokefarm Q account, but he does have a Twitter and DeviantArt. Go check him out!
Myrror's AvatarMyrror
Myrror's Avatar
I'm on this team this month, and I'm hunting Pancham ^^
im on this tem this month its my last of the 18 types to go through and im hoping to shelter/lab hunt for it along with my current long hunt of poochyena
forgot to update this °...° my current avvie is actually drawn by me and is of my lutari Enhydr on neopets

good stuff {meaning my siggie is here}

seeking: Click my Cute Little Bean please? she is my first hatched albino!
nctdream's Avatarnctdream
nctdream's Avatar
the clicklist is now up to date! if there's any people you find that are on our team and seem to participating in the race, let me know and i'll add them to the clicklist! just a reminder that the type race starts in about 3 hours! i wish everyone luck with hatching eggs!!
cheap shinies here ~
vaguelymaybe's Avatarvaguelymaybe
vaguelymaybe's Avatar
good luck everyone!!! 🎊🎊👊👊
Good luck everyone~ I'll be releasing (and hatching some lol) Makuhita eggs so I hope that helps @_@
Rorisaur's AvatarRorisaur
Rorisaur's Avatar
Hi! I’m on this team too:) I wish everyone lots of luck!
Hey I'm on fighting team this month! I'll be watching random fighting types
Omanyte avatar cam from Bulbepedia.
Karakara's AvatarKarakara
Karakara's Avatar
Hi there :D I´m on this team as well! I´m hunting/hatching Boxaby. Due to that do I have quite literally no use for my Shelter Pass Star so in case someone needs some extra adoptions let me know. I send it over to you. (I only want it back after you are done or by the end of the day - as maaaaaybe more than one person may be able to make use of it ^w^) Lastly good luck to all of you and happy hatching :D
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Welcome to the team! and thanks for releasing some of those cute Boxaby lol. I'd like to borrow it if that's ok!! ><

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