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Gakkou Academy :: The Kickoff to a New Year

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As Tori finally found the room she was supposed to be in, she quietly snuck in the class and walked to the back. She tried to fix her headband with her paw as she waited for the teacher to call out role
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Anka & Anton "C'mon! We're going to miss role call!" Anka said, dragging Anton through the door for Dr. Draconis's class. Unfortunately, since the two were late they weren't going to be able to sit next to each other. Anka looked sad as she surveyed the open seats. "You'll be fine." Anton said as he pried his hand from Anka's, heading to an open seat in the back corner of the room, Anka had to take a seat in the opposite corner in the front of the room. she looked slightly lost, not being next to Anton.
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Larissa frowned as she noticed the lack of open seats next to each other. She looked at Sue and frowned. "We aren't able to sit next to each other, okay? Try make some friends." Sue froze up, immediately resorting to mimicking a tree. She couldn't sit next to Larissa? How was she going to survive? Larissa noticed this, and floated to be in front of her face. "You'll be fine. Look, there's a seat open next to the Umbreon and Flareon, and they seem to know each other, so you won't have to talk to them if it's to scary. I'll sit next to the Ninetails, that way we're fairly close to each other, okay?" Taking a deep breath, Sue slowly relaxed her stiff body. She could do this. "...Okay." She said quietly. Larissa touched Sue's hex crystal flower, then her own. "We've got this." She said calmly, moving out of Sue's way. Sue slowly moved towards the desk that Larissa had pointed out, noting the sleeping Linoone by the Flareon and Umbreon with slight disbelief. They were in class! She sat down next to the Flareon nervously, and found herself freezing up again. She couldn't seem to say hello, so she remained silent. Meanwhile, Larissa floated over to the seat next to the Ninetails, and turned to face them. "Hey! I'm Larissa." ((Sorry for the long post, just setting the scene. Post size will decrease rapidly later, I promise! For clarification, Sue is sitting next to Blaze and Luna, and Larissa is sitting next to Chibi. Though it'd be easier to seat them next to already seated characters while reinforcing the lack of seats '^-^))
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blaze saw her,'hi im blaze!'he said excitedly.'this is my older sister!'he pointed to the shiny umbreon,'she doesent like it when kids sleep in class because she fears ill be influenced by them. she's protective.' he giggled.


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Chibi turned and smiled at the lampent sitting(?) next to her. "Hi! My name's Chibi! Nice to meet you!" She noticed the hex crystal flower on Larissa's head. "I like your head thing!" She slowly turned back to the front of the classroom to pay attention.
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Sue Sue tensed up even more, for despite Larissa's words she was nervous. She shook a limb in fustration. She could do this. They were friendly. Taking in a deep breathe, she smiled. "...Hi. I'm Sue..." Larissa "Thanks!" Larissa said happily, following suit as she saw Chibi turn. ((Larissa is hovering in place over the chair, as I'm not sure if they can not float? Oh well))
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(might as well revive the rp, transfurry hasn't been active for quite some time oof.) Tiny steps echoed through the hall. It was supposed to be silent there, the gentle gust of trees and winds to reduce the eeriness of the atmosphere. But as this young, no, tiny pokemon advances one step at a time, the silent hallway was now filled with short mumbles and groaning. The hot-headed darumaka was stomping away her annoyance. WHY DID I EVEN HAVE TO DO THIS.. I JUST NEEDED TO FIND A JOB AND MY LIFE WOULD BE FINE, BUT NOOOO,The small darukama shooked their head at the statement. After the news from 2 months ago, she wanted to free herself from this prison made out of the pity of everyone around her. Her irratated face was halted to a stop when she saw the door to her designated classroom. OH HOW CONVINIENT , she irked at the towering door. Her height was waaaay to small to reach the door knob. But hey, might atleast try huh? She bounced up to grab the handle. Halfway through. She tried again. This time, she was close enough for her little finger to touch it. With one giant leap, she huddled the door knob and turned.The door swung open, with her still clinging by the it. The classroom was suddenly quiet at the red ball. She musters up a poker face and quivered down to the floor. "WOW, I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA BE LATE FOR SECOND PERIOD! CAN'T BELIEVE AFTER ALL THOSE MINUTES GONE BY, FIRST PERIOD HASN'T ENDED." , she scoffs at the teacher and went to the furthest empty seat and took it as her teritory.
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