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Gakkou Academy :: The Kickoff to a New Year

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Rules: 1. All rules from the setup as well as PFQ rules apply. 2. Do not post if you did not post in the setup. 3. This RP is rated G. 4. If you decided to leave/retire a character, post in the setup. If you can, RP out your character(s) leaving. If this happens, the setup will be re-opened for new people to apply
highest priority
or for pre-existing RPers to make a new character.
lower priority
Reminders: - I highly recommend that you read over other people's character forms if you haven't already! This will help with interactions between characters. - If you want to speak out of character ((use double parentheses)). - Please do not use the setup as a place to talk about what happens here. It's a setup, not a chatroom. I will lock it if I have to. Questions regarding rules are fine, questions regarding why a character did something are not. - The next hidebox is for people who want to know what they missed. This will be updated during server reset.

What's happened so far?

School has started!
Let the school year commence! ((This will be the only long post I'll make here ;-;))
Something is... off. Winter break has just ended, and today is the first day back at Gakkou Academy. The headmaster of the school, Rupert K. Orville, decided to do his daily walk through campus. It's only the first day of the new school year, yet something seems wrong. "Achoo! Achoo! ACH—" The grizzly Ursaring clasped his paws around his snout. The obnoxious amount of sneezes the bear has been letting out can only mean one thing: there are Pokémon talking about him behind his back. He quickly searches his surroundings. He's in the 2nd year hallway, and there's already a few students looking towards him, trying to stifle a laugh as he tried to suppress his sneezing. Rupert was dumbfounded! Why would his students laugh at their amazing headmaster? Suddenly, he heard a soft chuckle and caught a glimpse of a red ribbon skittering away. When he turned to face the student, he found out it was none other than the new transfer student, Doyle Reeves. And what's more, he held an electric shaver in his jaw. He placed a paw on his belly as he pondered the reason for the escaping Linnone to have a razor when it hit him. His fur had been shaved off! Looking down, Rupert saw what the Linoone had done to him: a smiley face was made on his circular marking. The headmaster of a prestigious school had been walking around with an emoji on his abdomen! "Bah, That foxy Linoone thinks he can get away with making a fool out of me! He's go another thing comi— ACHOO!" And as the bear started his cat-and-mouse game with with the badger-weasel, the first bell of the school day rang, signaling the start of classes. Although, it seems like there are a few important characters missing... ((Someone help me come up with a better tagline lol))
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(AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, SHAVE OFF HIS FUR) Alpha sighed, school is here again. He grumbled, this isn't his first time teaching, and it wouldn't be his last. Not that he's complaining, he likes the student, it's just a pain to get them under control. He mumble something under his breath, completely in daze as it is morning at the moment, a Latios needs his sleep alright?! Though sleepy, he made sure to pay attention to his surroundings, just in case any teacher, student, or friend decided to come by and say hello. A loud sneeze snap him back to the living, followed by some angry roars, and curses. Laughter soon came after and Alpha could only hope for the worst. What have the kids done now....
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Topaz had made it to the school and was currently witnessing an Ursaring chasing down... something. She assumed this was the headmaster, as he had described himself in the letter she had received. At the sound of the bell, Topaz 'jumped.' As she was already floating, it was more like a body-wide flinch. Hovering over to the Ursaring, she cleared her throat. "Hello, I'm Miss Skye, one of the new teachers. Could you please show me to my classroom so I can begin setting up?"
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Rupert slowly turned towards the Latias, his pants pulled way too high in order to cover the face shaved into his fur. Doyle laid limp in his arms, tongue sticking out like a dead cartoon character, although he was very much alive. "Oh, Miss Skye? You must be the new foods teacher. Don't mind me, I was just... uh, disciplining a student!" The bear gently places the Linoone back on his feet and pats his head. Doyle glares. "Allow me to show you to your classroom. If you'd folow me..."
luna heard the princible and saw mr.alpha. she desided to go and see what was wrong.'mr.orville, what's wrong? is eveything alrigh?' she knew by this point that when someone said something behind his back he sneezed. blaze just wondered around the school, desicdeing to get to class hearing the bell.


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Topaz dipped her head. "Thank you. Is my schedule in there, or do I get it from the office?" She glanced back at the Linoone draped on the floor, a dazed look on its narrow face. I do hope this doesn't happen often...
The resident science teacher was behind her desk in her classroom, currently typing.. well, something. As she stared at her computer and wrote, she took a moment to use her claws to grasp the handle of a cup of coffee. [> THE MITOCHONDRIA IS- ] No. [> CASCADE ] Cascade was about to take a sip of her caffeinated drink, before the sounds of running, laughter, and incredibly loud sneezing caused her to nearly drop the mug on the keyboard. However, a few drops managed to escape and land on her desk, staining some of the papers laid there. Here comes another migrane..
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Willow poked her head out of her classroom door to see if there were any students in the hallway arriving late to her class. She didn’t see any students that she remembered being on her attendance list for this class, but she did see a Linoone laying on the ground for some reason. She was about to remind him to get to his class when she noticed that the headmaster was nearby talking to a teacher she didn’t recognize. Figuring that he would take care of the Linoone, Willow closed her classroom door and prepared to address her students. She also made a mental note to introduce herself to the new teacher later in the day. Robin Draconius slithered nervously in circles around their office, then stopped to peek through the window into their classroom. They hadn’t taught any of the students in this class last year, so hopefully none of them knew about Robin’s fear of fairies. “Alright, Robin, it’s a new year, maybe your students will have some respect for you this time around,” they muttered quietly to themself. Taking a deep breath, Robin slithered into the classroom and greeted their students in what they hoped was a confident-sounding voice, “Good morning, class! I’m Dr. Draconius and I’ll be your physics teacher this year.”
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"Don't sweat it! you'll be just fine." His sister's voice ran through his mind as a small pokemon made his way to the doors of the school. The bush on Aspen's back seemed a bit more poofy, but that was either due to the chill in the air, or the poor things anxiety. Finally inside, the shaymin looked around gawking and looking around. The school was a lot bigger than he thought. of course, his first day just HAD to be today, joining right after winter break. Aspen figured the first place to start would be the office.... right? He saw a few pokemon roaming around, but didn't want to ask just in case they weren't friendly or cared. The bell rang causing him to jump. Well, to find the office then!
Delhmos region lore! Delhmos rp coming soon! permission granted to use and edit Kinaster and kenyip, PFP made by Rubyillusion https://pokefarm.com/forum/post/2811939 https://pokefarm.com/pm/read/Sei
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"Good morning, Luna." Rupert responded. "Nothing's wrong at all, just making sure Doyle is doing well on his first day." He looks towards the Linoone but find he's ran off somewhere, hopefully to class. The bear turns back towards the new teacher. "Your schedule! That completely slipped my mind. I think I left it in the office. I hope you don't mind going by yourself, there's a rascal I need to find. Maybe you can get acquainted with some of the students on the way." ----- What a bother! That dumb bear is an absolute unit! Doyle had fled the scene to get to his first class of the day. Well, he would have, but he doesn't even know his schedule yet. As he walked through the halls he heard someone greeting their students. “Good morning, class! I’m Dr. Draconius and I’ll be your physics teacher this year.” The sly badger-weasel grinned. He walked into the teacher's class, pretending to be one of their students. Doyle remarked, "Ah, so like, Dra-phony-us." ((There's my bad pun of the day. Hope a little teasing is fine ;;;))

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