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🐐 Skiddo's Shop 🐐 (Hunt: SOBBLE)

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skiddo's Avatarskiddo
skiddo's Avatar
Welcome to Skiddo's Shop! (banner by mochafox, sprite by pfq) Hi, I'm Skiddo. Welcome to my shop, where I offer hunt-slots, shinies, albinos, gems, and shiny dex-trading services! All site rules apply here, as well as a few guidelines of my own: Be respectful to me and other customers. Please subscribe when offering. First come, first served. Dex trades are temporary - see shinydex section. My "ratio" is 5k : 5 : 1 See the alternate payments section for other payments.


Sobble until melan Accepting shiny orders: 100gp, or equivalent. Accepting albino orders: 200gp, or equivalent. Accepting berry/nature reserves:* no extra cost. Waitlist:
  • All orders completed!
* I cannot guarantee berry/nature orders. If I hatch a special of your favoured berry/nature, I can reserve it for you. However, if I don't hatch any specials of your favoured berry/nature, I won't extend my hunt for them specifically. My apologies.


6,400 EXP VARIANT: SCARACROSS Price: 300k or 300 or 60 x1
Daycare Pass x60
3,840 EXP EXCLUSIVE: MARAVOL Price: 300k or 300 or 60 x1
Daycare Pass x60
10,240 EXP VARIANT: RYUKUZA Price: 1,000k 500k or 1000 500 or 200 100 x1
Daycare Pass x60
5,120 EXP: SOBBLE, SKIDDO, SHINX, LITWICK, CYNDAQUIL, PARAS, CHINCHOU, ABRA Price: 100k or 100 or 20 10,240 EXP: MUNCHLAX Price: 200k or 200 or 40


5,120 EXP: SOBBLE, SKIDDO, SHINX, LITWICK, PARAS, ABRA Price: 200k or 200 or 40 10,240 EXP: MUNCHLAX Price: 400k or 400 or 80


20k/20gp/4zc per med/flawless. 1:1 swaps for any gems besides Normal/Grass. All other gems are not for trade (unless previously offered).


Shinydex trades are temporary. All Pokemon must be returned to me as soon as possible. Don't delta-grind, evolve, steal items from*, trade to others, resell, release, or keep any Pokemon I have dex-traded to you. (Description writing is okay!) Shinydex trades are pay-what-you-want. I appreciate any kind of payment, especially if you are requesting a large amount of shinydex entries, or hard to find dex entries (ie: legendaries, ultra beasts, Ditto, etc) ^^ To see my Pokemon available for shinydex trades, please check my shiny collection fields (★ Kanto ★ to ★ Variants ★) or refer to the following journal posts! Kanto / Johto (Kanto - 100% complete!) (Johto - 100% complete!) Hoenn / Sinnoh (Sinnoh - 100% complete!) Unova / Kalos Alola / Region 8 * In the case of Pokemon with form differences (ie: Rotom, Arceus), you may swap their attached items for all of their dex entries, as long as all of the attached items are returned to me.


Alternate payments
I accept certain items as payment for shiny/albino Pokemon at the values shown below. I am not currently buying or selling relics/z-fragments/boxes/summons/etc.
Miscellanous ItemsValue
Any Medium Gem20gp
Any Large Gem200gp
Any Box20gp
Any Z-Fragment50gp
Any Z-Crystal350gp
Daycare Pass x60500gp
Any Summon ItemMarket Value
Relic Copper20gp
Relic Silver40gp
Relic Gold100gp
Relic Vase200gp
Relic Band400gp
Relic Statue1000gp
Relic Crown2000gp
Thank you for visiting!
code: skiddo bg + gif: official
Kirözey's AvatarKirözey
Kirözey's Avatar
Hewwo, Can I order a albino female Skiddo for 200k credits? I'm not sure how nice rng would be nature wise but, Any Sweet flavored natures would work for me. u wu (Modest is good too.) Thanks for trying.
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Cerberus' OC Leafiram in Heartless Monster Forme/ OC created by me
CatEnergetic's OC Myst' in Purehearted Beast Forme

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skiddo's Avatarskiddo
skiddo's Avatar
Hello Kirozey! Sure thing, I've written it down~ thank you so much for being my first order
RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
RenCringe's Avatar
I can finally use that Gogoatitie I have dakjfhldjvln yes Could I grab the shiny naughty female goat for GP?
skiddo's Avatarskiddo
skiddo's Avatar
Sent the trade~!
Tikru97's AvatarTikru97
Tikru97's Avatar
Hi! Can I have your relaxed shiny male Skiddo for 100 GP?
skiddo's Avatarskiddo
skiddo's Avatar
Tikru97, I've sent the trade~! Please pick up whenever you can~
ravejazzy's Avatarravejazzy
ravejazzy's Avatar
Could i grab a shiny skiddo for 100gp? Dont mind nature as long as it has a berry preference
Avatar made by gezeichnet
skiddo's Avatarskiddo
skiddo's Avatar
Bianica, sent!
Draaek's AvatarDraaek
Draaek's Avatar
Hello! Could I get 3 male shiny Skiddo's for 300GP? No nature preference, not picky about those~
Avatar made by Kinchiona for me.

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