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Pyreice's AvatarPyreice
Pyreice's Avatar
Little stories involving my pokemon.Most are funny,some might make you smile,some might make you wish you could just tell that Glaceon to stop his complaining. Main Characters: :That glaceon who's always complaining.He wishes there'd be a beauty contest for him to enter,mostly because he loves pokeblocks.May or may not flirt with anyone he sees,and may or may not have a slight crush on Neferpitou. : A purrloin who's always confused.Pokeblocks of any kind are his favorite and he's adorable.Touch his star-seashell though and you better start running. :Lucas good Lucario.Lucas protect eevee.Lucas want pokeblock for good Lucario.Lucas somehow knows how to use laptop thing. :A pretty impish beedrill.She loves pranks,especialy when they're agianst Lucas.Lay a paw near the Umbreon and she goes crazy. The biggest softie you'll ever find,he for some reason loves exploring near volcanos.But hey,what doesn't kill you makes you stronger,right? :Sings chirstmas songs waaay past chirstmas."Deck the Halls" in October anyone? And everyone else tries to make an appearance.
Please click these two,they are two of my favorite pokemon: [first glaceon][starter] Thanks to IcyMoon193 for these spirits:
Pyreice's AvatarPyreice
Pyreice's Avatar
Viking sings some songs and annoys Haku.Also,Bugza pranks everyone in sight.
"Ooh Chirstmas treeee!Oooooh Chiirrssstmaaassss Treee!How lovely are thy branchs!"Viking sang,or,rather Screeched,as he passed the Glaceon,who had just finished a training session in the dojo. "Ok!Just-just stop!That is very annoying!I just want to rest!"Haku shouted.He didn't even notice the female beedrill hiding in the trees,laughing her stinger off at how funny her prank would be.All it would take was a few Cornn berries from Pyre's garden and she would have one angry ice type and a confused dark type.And,if she was correct about who was running around in the bushes,a very happy cat pokemon. "Fine.I guess i'll sing Frosty.Froosssttty the snoooowwwwmaaan,was a jolly haaappppyy soouuuulll!Wiiiith a coooornn cooob piipppeee and a buuuuutttooon nooosee aaannnd twoooo eeeeyyyyeees maaade oouuut of co-"He was tackled to the ground by the glaceon he was currently annoying. "Shut.Up!Your driving me crazy!Just let me rest!Do you know the meaning of the word?R-E-S-T,Rest."Then,Bugza made her move.She smirked to herself as she pushed the bucket of berries down so that it spilled all over the two fighting pokemon. "He,hehe,heheh."She laughed,loud enough for everyone to hear. And then the party was crashed,by a certain purple cat pokemon named Neferpitou by his trainer. "Oooh,Viking angered Haku!"The purrloin sang.He looked at the two eeveelutions,then noticed the berry splatters."And they threw Cornnn berries!"He quickly cleaned up the place,using his mouth and his tounge. "Look,Viking,you do realise that i was the first ice type here.I control all the other ice types,i have an army at my disposle." "But...I guess i'll go away.I'll go sing to Lucas!He mostly just laughs and reads on that 'laptop' thing."Viking sighed.Bugza came out of the bushes. "You hurt Viking's feelings?!Die!" And that,my friend,is how Bugza got frozen until Pyre got back,and how Haku almost got stung and poisoned by Bugza.

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