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ღ Dreams Awaken - A Disney Clan ღ

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Queen Glimmer's AvatarQueen Glimmer
Queen Glimmer's Avatar
Welcome to Dreams Awaken! A clan for anyone that likes Disney! Whether you've watched all the shows and all movies and played all games made by Disney or whether you're new to them and only watched one movie and loved it, this is the clan for you! Just read the rules and fill out the form, and become one of us~


1. PF/PFQ Rules apply obviously. 2. Don't take your anger out on other members. If you're going through personal problems and/or are angry for some reason, don't take your anger out on other members of the clan. This isn't the time or place to do that. Not now, not ever. 2(a). "If you can't say something nice... don't say nothing at all." - Thumper from Bambi. This is an add-on to the rule above. There's never a good reason to be insulting and mean to someone. It's just horrible and you're making yourself look bad if you do it. If you're angry at someone, ignore them. If they keep on bothering you, then ignore them. Otherwise if you "fight" or "argue" back then you'll be just as bad as they are. 3. Have fun and enjoy yourself~ Make some new friends in this clan, and have fun. It's a bad thing to be grumpy all the time.
Now that we're done with the rules, let's move onto our daily talks and conversations! The topics, of course!


Pretty much anything related to Disney, as long as it's kid-friendly and appropriate. Such topics include: 1. Any movies and shows. You can talk about your favorite Disney movies and Disney shows that you may have enjoyed when you were young or used to watch on TV. 2. Comics and books. TLK (The Lion King) comics were popular and they still are. Whether you have a favorite character that only exists in the books or comics, it's free to talk about them here. 3. Merchandise: clothing, accessories, figurines, and the sort. Any of your favorite Disney merchandise, new and old. 4. Any theories. Now, I'm a bit iffy about this topic, as some people can't control themselves, and tend to start arguments because someone won't agree with them, but if you can show me that you can be trusted, then by all means share your theories with us, after all, no theory is right nor wrong unless proven by the creators of said movie otherwise. (For example, TLK fan-made comics, the comics not published by Disney, shows some pretty interesting theories as to how Scar became the way we see him portrayed in the first movie, as well as how he got his scar, how he met the hyenas, everything.) After all, the comics published by Disney weren't made by the creators of TLK, unless the creators say that happened, then no one is right nor wrong. So, please, don't fight and argue over something like this. 5. Any fan-art/artist. If you have a favorite artist, then link them to us. (If they're work is safe and not adult.) We would love to see them! 6. Any fan-fiction. Some of us like to read fan-fictions and we would love to see and read some more. As long as they are kid-friendly/PG-13) 7. Maybe some more ideas for a future Disney movie? Any movies that needed sequels but still hasn't gotten anything. This also includes for shows, if any show ended in a bad way and you would like to talk about an alternative ending or maybe it needing a new season. 8. Games. Video games, board games, any form of game by Disney. 9. Songs. Any songs that you happened to like. 10. Characters. Your favorite/least favorite characters. What you would change/wouldn't change, why you like them. Any spoiler will be kept in properly labeled [*hide] tags. This also includes for old movies since it may have been a while since a user has watched a movie or maybe they never watched it at all. So, please, when talking about movies (*especially movies*) put the text in tags and label them properly. This may apply to some books and comics, or even in some TV series and spin-offs.
Now, with such a huge list, we should always be in a conversation. Granted in a non-spam-my conversation, but it's a conversation, nonetheless. Now, the form to join us is right below, just fill it out, and you'll be a part of the clan.

Joining Application

Username: Your username here. Nickname(s): Any nicknames you may have go here. Favorite Disney movie?: Favorite movie by Disney goes here. Favorite Disney song?: Your favorite song in a Disney movie/show/game go here. Favorite Disney character?: Favorite Disney character from any movie/show/other goes here. Favorite Disney moment? Your favorite Disney scene in any series.


List of Dreams Awaken Clan Members
UsernameNicknamesJobs/RolesFavorite Character
Queen KlanceKeith, KlanceClan LeaderScar (The Lion King)
MdnghtShadowAdrian or MidnightN/AMulan and Elsa
butterscotchShadowN/AAnastasia, Timone, CeCe, Rocky
SachiN/AN/ARapunzel or Mulan
NightFury28Fury and FiaArtist & SpriterKylo Ren, Simba, Kion, Mad Hatter, and Loki
georgieGN/A"Big Baby" from Honey, I Blew Up the Kid
Sleepy-SheepN/AN/AKiara from Lion King 2 & Todd from the Fox and the Hound
WolfRainWolfieN/AStitch, Elsa, Timon and Pumbaa <3
Lucario31AmyN/AElsa, Kiara and Merida
OshySakura or OshyN/AAriel, John Smith, Melody, Jasmine, Aladdin and Genie!!
bennett999BennettN/APercy Jackson
SweetSacrificeYuki, ElsaN/AMeeko
Mage of MipMel/MipN/AMickey Mouse, Basil, Jessica Rabbit
HaruhiHaru-chan or HaruN/AKuzco, Aladdin, or Stitch
moonlight1222Moon or MoonieN/AElsa, Olaf, Simba and Stitch ~<3
Suicune GirlN/AN/APeter Pan & Merida
sqüirtlepersønsquirtleN/ADipper from Gravity Falls
squid.sky, Sasten, squidN/AAriel from The Little Mermaid!
AphoticAPN/AMulan, Apu
ChlorineNukeyN/ABaymax from Big Hero 6
EmeraldRarityRarity, Emerald, Rares, Em, Savannah or LunaN/ARapunzel
MeowthloverMeowth, ML, MeowN/AElsa, Timon, Pumbaa, Nala, Stitch, Duchess, Genie, Jasmine, Snow White, Aurora, and Flynn Rider, Oliver and Dodger
Linkfan42LinkN/AStitch, Baymax and Morph
Athena ChioniChioN/AJasmine, Aladdin, Ralph, Rapunzel, Tiana
AJcamp64AJN/AGoliath/Bronx from Gargoyles
Mossfire85Moss, Mossy, Sandy (PF1)N/AViolet (The Incredibles), Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Pocahontas (Pocahontas) or Dory (Finding Nemo)
AMCGremlingirlG.G (for Gremlin Girl)Clan Advertiser & ArtistGrem from Cars 2
I glisten in the sun like a vampire. Avatar drawn by the amazing Novan-chan.
cheryl's Avatarcheryl
cheryl's Avatar
Username: Cheryl Nickname(s): Just call me cheryl,i guess Favorite Disney movie?: Lady and the Tramp and Aristo Cats and Oliver and Company and Frozen are all good movies...but i guess if I have to choose 1,it'll be Aristo Cats. <3 Favorite Disney song?: Everybody wants to be a Cat,Let it Go,or A Whole New World :3 Favorite Disney character?: I can't just chose one... Favorite Disney moment? "A Whole New World" scene from Aladdin
avatar pixel credit: x
made by cheryl | my use only
cheryl's Avatarcheryl
cheryl's Avatar
sorry,double post
MdnghtShadow's AvatarMdnghtShadow
MdnghtShadow's Avatar
Username: Your username here. Nickname(s): Adrian or Midnight Favorite Disney movie?: There are waaaaay too many to choose from. Favorite Disney song?: It changes all the time, but generally I would say Hakuna Mattata Favorite Disney character?: Tie: Mulan and Elsa Favorite Disney moment? The opening of The Lion King
Queen Glimmer's AvatarQueen Glimmer
Queen Glimmer's Avatar
@cheryl: It's alright, I forgive you for double posting. I know it was an accident. Just be sure to not do it again, dear. ^_^; Anyways, accepted and welcome to the clan~! <3 And The Aristocats was an extremely well-done movie. <3 One of my favorites! @Midnight: Accepted~ And I loved Mulan and The Lion King! <3
butterscotch's Avatarbutterscotch
butterscotch's Avatar
Username: butterscotch Nickname(s): Shadow Favorite Disney movie?: Tangled and Anastasia. Favorite Disney song?: Shake It Up theme song. Favorite Disney character?: Anastasia, Timone, CeCe, Rocky, Favorite Disney moment? When Rapunzel is united with her parents in Tangled.
Queen Glimmer's AvatarQueen Glimmer
Queen Glimmer's Avatar
@Shadow: Accepted~ And Tangled is one of my favorite movies! <3 And is Anastasia a Disney film? I don't think it is one...
butterscotch's Avatarbutterscotch
butterscotch's Avatar
Sorry. I thought it was Disney but for some reason its Fox.
Queen Glimmer's AvatarQueen Glimmer
Queen Glimmer's Avatar
It's okay, dear, I completely understand as to how you could mistake it for a Disney movie. ^o^; Perfectly understandable.
butterscotch's Avatarbutterscotch
butterscotch's Avatar
It just has the essence of Disney.

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