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This sounds like a fun, but very long game. I feel that it would work well as a part of your signature/trainer profile where you could post "Find this Pokémon in the shelter for a prize" with the prize being the glory of finding the single Pokémon in the shelter or something else.
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I've had a Pokémon that got lost in the shelter returned to me in a couple of hours so I'm not too worried about length. There are some experienced shelter hunters out there. I also don't want to feel cheap by having the prize be "satisfaction and also this midly rare gendered Pokémon" and want it to be at least a summon or money prize. The largest problem is that i don't have the money for that.
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bomp, still dunno whether I should put it in forum games or in contests
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Oof should bump this New poll added btw
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I had already release some pokemon with a description that said I give a price if the people return then to me. So I know this is a great idea!
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