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Travels in Iridia: A Pokébiologist's Ramblings

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Day 1: Arrival & Port Lapis Here I am, finally in the Iridia Region! I’m here to study the local Pokémon at the request of my colleague Professor Oak from the Kanto region. I didn’t bring much, just this notebook and basic camping supplies. I even left my Pokémon at home to watch over the lab while I’m gone. All of them but Orchid, that is. She’s not a local Pokémon, but the daughter of two of my Fomantis that I have back home. I wanted to bring her with me so that she has a chance to see the world instead of staying in the lab. Currently, she’s sitting on my head as I write, contenting herself with her dinner: a box of Cutiefly Crunchies. They are really good for small insectivorous Pokémon such as Fomantis, but they are hard to get outside of the Alola region. Exporting things off-island is expensive. We are currently staying at the Pokécenter at a small town called Port Lapis, located on the Southwest coast of the region. I’ve already seen several new kinds of Pokémon, as well as new regional variants to species found in other regions, and I haven’t even been here for a full day! Port Lapis itself is a nice place. The locals are friendly, and willing to answer my questions about the town. Apparently, Port Lapis was founded from a trader’s guild that specialized in exporting stones, metals, and gems from the nearby hills and canyons. Over time, the town expanded into a bustling center of trade. Apparently, the weekend market is a must-see for tourists. I’ll have to go check it out when it starts in two days. Until then, I might go exploring to find wild Pokémon for my research. A chat with the locals reveals that the best place to find wild Pokémon nearby is a place called the Great Gouge. Apparently, lots of wild Rock and Ground Pokémon live there, so Orchid’s Grass-type moves should come in handy. Anyway, it’s getting late. I should start preparing for tomorrow’s adventures. I’ll write all about them tomorrow night. Goodbye for now!
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