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Quitting everything for sale

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Aranea's AvatarAranea
Aranea's Avatar
100k for mega?
Cherry's AvatarCherry
Cherry's Avatar
@squarah : i did the math thevtotal price for shiny only would be 660 zc thovwith the 10% discount it would be 590 zc with the albino cleffa line total would be 690 with the discount vnv @aranea sending trade
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AstroCat's AvatarAstroCat
AstroCat's Avatar
Could I buy the remaining ruby tokens? :) EDIT: Could I also buy the Quirky/Sassy Talonflame pair and the Gragon pair? :)
97/500 Wishing Stones
0/1000 Origin Sashes
Squarah's AvatarSquarah
Squarah's Avatar
can we take off the shiny cleffa line and the horsea line?
WolfishMagic's AvatarWolfishMagic
WolfishMagic's Avatar
Could I buy the xp share for 350k credits please! :)
Cherry's AvatarCherry
Cherry's Avatar
@astrocat ; all tokens are on hod but ill send the breeding pair obce i have slots ope @,squarah ; same with the albino @wolfishmagic ; yuo ill send once i have soits ooen
Squarah's AvatarSquarah
Squarah's Avatar
Can we do 428zc + 170k + 280gp?
Sarluna's AvatarSarluna
Sarluna's Avatar
Hey ^^ Would be interested in the Skiddo/Gogoat 99% & Solynx/Lunupine 95% breeding pairs. How much would you like for both?
I'm kinda bad at making offers on pokemon but would you do mabey..50gp for the latias?
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Catten's AvatarCatten
Catten's Avatar
Can I get that PokeRadar for 650gp? I only have 296k credits but I can do mixed if you prefer credits? Also, if you have a gogoat, just a normal gogoat, I'd like it, if possible. Need one to use my gogoatite on. I'll pay a few gold for it if you like.
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...I think I'm still turning out."

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