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Question about "realistic" pokemon image gone.

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It's been a long time since I have returned to PFQ, and I saw an update which piques my interest in the Wiki. So in February 15, 2017, the "realisitc" images was removed from the summary page. I was wondering, is there a reason behind this? And is there anyway that I can browse an image archive or something similar to browse through these "realistic" images?
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there were a LOT of those images missing, so it was mostly due to consistency they were removed. as far as I know, there are no plans for them to make a comeback. I don't think there's an archive or record of them anywhere
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QUOTE originally posted by Eltafez

The images you're talking about were commissioned, intended for PokéBattlers before it got shut down. So yes, some of them can be considered... nightmare fuel. However, these portraits are now placeholders. They were made by an artist not on staff, and now our own Graphics Team is working on drawing more appropriate images for them. So rest assured, we're already on it. ^^
From an old suggestion thread ^u^ You may be able to dig up/find a few of them googling their pokebattlers source thing mentioned above
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Thank you. Closing thread.

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