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How do you choose your trainer gender/sex?

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POLL: Why did you choose the trainer gender/sex you currently have?

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Kaolin's AvatarKaolin
Kaolin's Avatar
Was just curious, since we have 3 options: Male, Female and Neutral. I would assume most people chose what they identify as (I did), but I wonder if anyone chose theirs just for the aesthetic value? Kind of like how guys playing MMORPGs like using girl characters and the sort. Also just a small observation, but if the former option is true, it's made me realize that a good chunk of people I recognize on here are actually different genders from what I previously assumed in my head (based on their usernames/other details)! xD
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Kiryu's AvatarKiryu
Kiryu's Avatar
Aesthetic, mostly because we don't have other clothing options right now so I picked boy cause it has a hoodie. Also the slight definition on the chest of the 'neutral' trainer was givin me a bit of dysphoria >_>;;;;
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Poké-Hatcher's AvatarPoké-Hatcher
Poké-Hatcher's Avatar
I only picked Neutral because the default clothes for that's more along the lines of how I'd dress in real life. I always wear a jacket (i suppose a vest will do in the meantime), and I hate tank tops, shorts and skirts.
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euradym's Avatareuradym
euradym's Avatar
I'm agender, but the male sprite is the one that reflects I look like the best. @chicken Yeah, I'm really not sure why the neutral trainer was given a bit of chest. If you look at the base images, the neutral trainer is wearing what looks like a sports bra, which is pretty questionable. I guess it's good for children and those who don't like how much cleavage the female trainer image implies.
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Skiddo's AvatarSkiddo
Skiddo's Avatar
I'm gender neutral, but I picked the boy avatar when I signed up, and I'm too lazy to spend gp to change it. Also, I just think it looks cooler.
Silver-Sün's AvatarSilver-Sün
Silver-Sün's Avatar
I picked neutral awhile ago because I'm agender... but yeah, I may end up switching to the boy because IRL I want to get total top surgery.
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Elkwarden's AvatarElkwarden
Elkwarden's Avatar
I have neutral now because that's what I identify as, but I'm most likely going to change to the male one. The bit of chest on the neutral one bothers me a bit...
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Gladion's AvatarGladion
Gladion's Avatar
Have to agree with the rest of you, it's really weird that they chose to have some chest on the neutral sprite. I guess the logic may be that if you're NB and want to have a completely flat chest you can just choose the male sprite, but... I dunno. Having it present as kinda DFAB is weird. And yeah, I id as binary male. So male.
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Feeble's AvatarFeeble
Feeble's Avatar
i chose the neutral one cause thats what i identify as! but didnt actually notice the chest thing yikes, hoping they add a clothing option that is just a big stupid puffy jacket so i can be an unidentifiable mass of clothing! other than that i hate dresses and sweatshirts so vest it is
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TigTiggoTigs's AvatarTigTiggoTigs
TigTiggoTigs's Avatar
I don't know my identity, so I chose based on the look I prefer. I chose the male trainer but it still looks too feminine to me. I don't think there's a reasonable way to satisfy everyone, though. There's always going to be people who want different body types.

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