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Selling Tons of Shinies + Albinos

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Biba's AvatarBiba
Biba's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by MD6999

Biba: Swinub: 75 amaura: 100 Sandshrew: 150
could i get 1 swinub and 1 amaura please
Ecalypse's AvatarEcalypse
Ecalypse's Avatar
Hey :> May I offer 175 GP on this? (125 is my personal base price on 6k pokemon eggs. Then I added on because it’s genderless :>)
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Zenobelle's AvatarZenobelle
Zenobelle's Avatar
Hi, this and this for 100k crs please?
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MD6999's AvatarMD6999
MD6999's Avatar
Zenobelle: 100k each or total? Ecalypse: Hmm, sure that sounds fair. Please send a trade!
Zenobelle's AvatarZenobelle
Zenobelle's Avatar
Total. If is not enough, i can add 50k crs to the total for both of them.
MD6999's AvatarMD6999
MD6999's Avatar
So 150k total? Yeah, I can do that, I'll send~
Hope8970's AvatarHope8970
Hope8970's Avatar
Can I get a shiny noibat for 75gp?
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Addonia's AvatarAddonia
Addonia's Avatar
Would you take 100 gp for your albino cleffa? Also maybe 125gp for your shiny lapras?
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MD6999's AvatarMD6999
MD6999's Avatar
Hope8970: Sure, ill send a trade (: Addonia: Could you do 250 total for them?
pikachubunny's Avatarpikachubunny
pikachubunny's Avatar
yeet double yeet sorry i saw these two and i had to put them here too this one please? just list a gp price
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