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Mega XD?

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Heart Star's AvatarHeart Star
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I have a question. I recently obtained a 5 tier Mega Stone voucher. I want to know before I redeem this bad boy, is XD001 aka Shadow Lugia Mega Evolvable?
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No, its technically a different species than Lugia ^^
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Heart Star's AvatarHeart Star
Heart Star's Avatar
Is that so? Ok. I'll find some other Mega Stone to get. Also, how did you get that counter in your sig?
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Avatar made by Cryst; my sig is my own work. Both the Pokemon and the girl have the same name: Lottie Lock. I named her after Lottie in Erin Entrada Kelly's novel You Go First. The quote at the top is also from the novel.
HowlingCat's AvatarHowlingCat
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Adding onto the above. that specific counter also unitize the inventory code as well like so: [progress="[inventory=Item Name]/Total"][item=Item Name] × [inventory=Item Name] / Total[/progress] So if you were hunting for fire gems, it will look like this.

Code In Use

[progress="[inventory=Fire Gem]/666"][item=Fire Gem] × [inventory=Fire Gem] / 666[/progress]
× 369 / 666
If you want to know more about code, you can check out this guide (as well as ask coding relating things there) and this wiki page
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