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Opinions on Arceus Rank

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UnderscoreH2O's AvatarUnderscoreH2O
UnderscoreH2O's Avatar
I've been debating for a while whether I want to put the work into achieving Arceus rank. I have to say, it is not easily obtained whatsoever and understandably so. However, the need to maintain it as more Pokemon are released makes it less appealing to me. I (obviously) like the idea of getting increased melan chances though. So, my question is - those with Arceus rank, is it really worth the extra work (not to mention expenses)? Do you notice a difference in melan hatchings compared to when you didn't/don't have the rank? P.S. I understand melan hatchings are still very rare, but every little bit helps I guess. I'm just curious how other people feel.
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Aust's AvatarAust
Aust's Avatar
So I think I can give a pretty unique perspective on melan hunting, or at least what I think can contribute to gaining a lot of Melans^^

long rant about melan hunting

Shiny/Melan Hunting Backstory time (useless info but may help) I've hunted with both Arceus rank (for 2 months now) and without(almost 2 years). Ive used dozens of z-crystals, hunted with both a shiny charm and uber charm constantly activated and used hundreds of day care passes and egg supplier eggs on good bonus days (sei/niet) and I can honestly say that while Melans are fickle I've seen both good/ bad and unbelivable chains. I started shiny hunting in October of 2016 and my first melan was hatched in November of the same year. I have hatched 36 melans in my shiny hunting on PFQ (2 years and 1 month) heres where it gets tricky 23 were early (an early melan for me is one that is before the long chain bonus kicks in) 7 of those early melans happened this year in November alone (skewing the data terribly) since they were with Arceus rank but Arceus rank is useless before the 1000 egg mark lol I even got a melan Legendary on a 1/36 hatch most of the rest fell within the 1-4k egg hatch range Combee was 4125 eggs before I got my Melan Female (4 male Melans) Gothita took me almost 4k eggs to get a complete shiny line (3) And Hoothoot was almost 9k eggs for 1 Melan (that was with Arceus rank) It may look like I'm just lucky? So many early melans, an average of 1 Melan every 3 weeks! only 1 really bad hunt? What If I said that on average I hatch 5000 eggs a month? (I'm #8 on the site stats for eggs hatched) Or that most of my shiny hunts have been within the 500-1500 egg range Bonuses are great, the more bonuses the better! What I think matters more in the Melan hatching chance however is hatching eggs and making those bonuses work for you. If you're not hatching the max amount of eggs per day then your not getting the most out of your bonuses stacking. If you decide to get Arceus make sure you can make the most of it. Hatch your 139 eggs per day (or more) Use that z-crystal on Sei days, stock up on daycare passes/egg supplier orders to use. Make sure you are constantly hatching eggs and keeping up that momentum. If you get burned out by long hunts, do shorter hunts.
tldr; Arceus is okay, but not as big a deal as some make it out to be, You can easily hunt Melans without it, especially if it will be a big drain financially / mentaly(stress) but any bonus is still a bonus, and bonuses only get better when they are used together while hatching as many eggs as you can per day.
jarjarkai's Avatarjarjarkai
jarjarkai's Avatar
I don't have it, but here's my opinion on it. I'm 38 eggs and 171 pokemon away from getting arceus, and while I've never melan hunted, I see no reason to not go for it. Of course, I have no intention to melan hunt in the immediate future(my current goal is wishforge) but I know that there's potential in it in the future. Due to this, I've been working on my pokedex to some extent. I see a pokemon I don't have yet? I'll message someone, buy it, breed it, evolve it, and just leave it at that. Totem pokemon? I let them run through scours for a day or two to get all the scour tokens they need. Overall, just playing the game has gotten me really close to it. I notice you're Ace rank. My main suggestion to you would be to go through the shelter finding any ??? eggs, and the lab. Refresh the lab until you know what every single egg is from the refresh. It gets tedious, but it gets pokedex entries. As for legendaries, you are of course going to need to summon them eventually, so just invest a little zc here and there to buy a summon every so often. Overall, the game is about the experience, and not the Arceus rank. "It's about the journey, not the destination"
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Fuchsfee's AvatarFuchsfee
Fuchsfee's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by jarjarkai

As for legendaries, you are of course going to need to summon them eventually, so just invest a little zc here and there to buy a summon every so often.
You don't have to do that! There's no need to buy any Summon item at all. Just keep opening boxes until you find them. Once a Summon item is unlocked, there is a boosted chance to find it in a box until you get it once. After that it's the regular chance of getting Summons again. With everything else I totally agree to what jarjarkai said.
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LisaKaze2016's AvatarLisaKaze2016
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I see it as a goal to reach I am just a rank lower than Arceus rank and I am working on it but it will take time.

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