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Bentomon's AvatarBentomon
Bentomon's Avatar
Finally a new update eh? Whoop now pokémon evolve list in the farm is sorted! And some more changes. Check the changelog in the QoL user hub or in my first forum post :) Enjoy and let me know if you run into any issues.
KainCrow's AvatarKainCrow
KainCrow's Avatar
Hi! Is there something wrong with mine or Quick Evo option on the farm doesn't work if you sort the evolvable pokemons by type?
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Bentomon's AvatarBentomon
Bentomon's Avatar
Hello! Nope that's not working (as you can read in the changelog in more detail). I'm going to try and fix that though :)
KainCrow's AvatarKainCrow
KainCrow's Avatar
Ah, I see, thanks ^^ Also, eevee evolution to leafeon (normal to grass) evolution only appears on the grass, not normal. But bulbasaur evolution shows on both grass and poison. I am guessing that the type sort is dependant on the evolved pokemon's type, not counting on the type change? As usual, thanks for the good work! Just a question though, is there any way to auto-collect dojo's training bags? It's a bit of bother, refreshing & getting the training bags every 5-10 fields worth of clicks..
Bentomon's AvatarBentomon
Bentomon's Avatar
I thought that when you evolve a pokémon that you will get the wishforge gems from the pokémon it evolves into and has nothing to do with which type the Pokémon was before it evolved. When an eevee evolves into a leafeon, do you then also get normal gems? Cause then I have to change some things :) I can't make an auto-collect function. That's considered as botting and is taking away user interaction. And as there is already an 'collect all bags' button, I can't really do anything.
Dracojax's AvatarDracojax
Dracojax's Avatar
type before and after evo counts for wish forge
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KainCrow's AvatarKainCrow
KainCrow's Avatar
I see, thanks for information about training bag collection.. re-visiting every few field it is :D But for wishforge, both previous & later's type change counts- so eevee & leafeon counts both for normal and grass. That's how I've been saving RTEs :)
Bentomon's AvatarBentomon
Bentomon's Avatar
Ah haaaaa well, back to the drawing board :) So is it possible for a Pokémon to get 3 badges for 3 different types, or maybe even more then that?
Eltafez's AvatarEltafez
Eltafez's Avatar
Technically speaking, if you have a Pokémon with 2 different types that evolves into something with 2 entirely different types, you can indeed construct 4 different badges at the same time.
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Bentomon's AvatarBentomon
Bentomon's Avatar
Alright I got type changes covered. For eevee I had to make an exception in my code because it's a Pokémon that can evolve in different kinds of Pokémon. Question before I throw the changes live, are there more pokémon like Eevee that can evolve in different Pokémons and their type changes? I'm afraid there are, which means quite a few exceptions should be made.

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