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Quality of Life changes [UserScript]

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Bentomon's AvatarBentomon
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~Pokéfarm Quality of Life Userscript~ New Management's Install Post and Updated Code by ECEInTheHole

Userscript that includes a few QoL changes to PokéFarm and can enhance your PokéFarm experience even more! To give a few examples:
  • Pokémon evolve list in the farm sorted on types and more.
  • Advanced Shelter Search with custom search parameters.
  • Select all Pokémon button on field mass release & fishing.
  • Advanced Fields sorting & Pokémons clicked counter in fields.
  • Mass party clicking modifications
  • Advanced Lab Search
Is there a feature that you don't like or it's messing with your custom css? No problem! You can turn every feature off in this userscript in the settings menu after you installed it.

I'm not working on the script anymore, consider this the final version from me!

~Userscript in Action~

~Sorted evolve list~

Evolve list on types
Evolve list on Names
Missing Dex entries

~Advanced Shelter Search~

Shelter Search Result
~Shelter Search Settings~

~Mass release/fishing select all~

Mass release/fishing select all

~Fields Sorting & Pokémons clicked counter

Advanced field sorting & Pokémons clicked counter

~Lab Search~

Lab type & Pokémon search

~How to install~

Firefox users please read Known issues

1. TamperMonkey

You need TamperMonkey to be able to run the userscript. TamperMonkey is an browser extension that allow you to manage and run userscripts on webpages. Userscripts are Javascript codes which add/remove features to a website.

2. Install Userscript

To install the userscript click on the link below. Click on > Poke-Farm-QoL.user.js and then on raw. TamperMonkey will give you an promp asking if you would like to install the script.

3. Refresh PokéFarm

Now you only need to refresh PokéFarm and the script runs!


Always be careful installing userscripts and always read the code first. Always be sure that you're not installing an malicious userscript. An malicious userscript could for example send your site data to it's creator and steal your site information. I'm not saying that my script isn't safe, it is, but I just want you to be aware that you should always check the code that you're installing to be sure that your information is safe and isn't send to someone or an server.

~Known issues~

FireFox RiP

Script won't load automatically in FireFox and is blocked by something unknown for now. I'm searching for a permanent fix at the moment. Everything works when you use either Chrome or this fix when on FireFox:
  • Use ctrl + f5 to reload the page and the script runs. (Need to do this on every page you load)

~Planned Features~

Shelter search

  • Add an option to create custom search groups and option to toggle them on or off.


  • Advanced search, similar to the shelter search. Also notifies on items, species etc. All the stuff which you can't see in the shelter before you click on the "adopt/view" button.

Shiny hunting counter

  • adding an automatic counter, which you can start when you start a hunt, which tracks how many eggs you hatched and how many of them were actually shinies etc. Maybe something fun, have been seeing a lot of people keeping track of that themself.


  • Pokérus notifier

and more..

I've had so many ideas of late, that I kinda forgot a lot of them ;D

~Change Log~

Important updates will be noted here.

11/02/2019 Version 1.3.5

  • Custom Css: The script broke a lot of the custom css/skin you can create in your profile. If the script broke your custom css you can add that custom css in the QoL Hub and it works!
  • Shelter/lab search: Pokémon/Eggs that are found are now also highlighted.
  • Release/move mass Pokémon: Added a "select on berry" function!
  • Moved select all & select berry checkboxes to the bottom at the move all/release all Pokémon dialogs
  • Evolvelist fix: Alolan Forme Pokémon should now be placed in the right category!
  • Evolvelist additions: Can now sort pokémons that can evolve on names.
  • Evolvelist additions: Can now sort on Pokémon you don't have in your Pokédex. This included Shinies, albinos & melanistic pokemon. Also shows possible Alolan & mega/totem evolves, if you didn't complete a Pokémon 100%.
  • Evolvelist addition: There is a counter showing how many Pokémons per category that can evolve, except for missing dex entries search.
  • Evolvelist addition: When a pokémon evolves using the Quick evo button the Pokémon gets deleted from the list.
  • Fixed a display bug when releasing a Pokémon in your party
  • Fixed a bug with the party clicker modification sometimes breaking (probably fixed)

26/01/2019 Version 1.3.0

  • Advanced Shelter Search: Added feature to search Pokémon and/or eggs on their types!
  • Advanced Shelter Search: Custom search isn't case sensitive anymore, capital letters or not doesn't matter anymore!
  • New Feature: Lab Notifier: New feature! You can now 'search' the lab eggs so you're sure not to miss an egg that you really want to have (for example a ditto egg in the lab) or you can search the lab on Pokémon types, for typeraces for example.

18/01/2019 Version 1.2.0

  • Oh yeah baby, I have an awesome function for you! Now in the farm evolve list all the Pokémons that can evolve will be categorized on types!! No more endless searching which Pokémon has which type. Standard setting is based on my Pokédex data. Open the Pokédex one time to update your own data. Happy wishforge hunting :)
  • NOTE: Known issues with the new feature: Quick evolve doesn't function & clicking on a pokemon closes the selected type list. To evolve your Pokémons: 'Right-click' > 'open on new tab' and then evolve. I'm looking for a fix.
  • Shelter search: now when you adopted a new egg you won't get notified in the shelter when you find this egg. Before it would still notify you found a new egg because it wasn't hatched yet. When you find multiple new eggs you still have to watch out that you don't adopt the 'new' egg that you just adopted and haven't hatched yet. This was a pain in the ass to test with adoption limits etc. Please let me know if you have any issues.
  • New: added party click modifications menu to change the css on the mass party click list. For now there are 3 options: 'only hide disliked berries', 'show party in a table & hide disliked berries' & 'hide everything mass click super fast'.

12/01/2019 Version 1.1.5

  • Shelter Search has been upgraded, you can now search multiple custom pokémons at once! Beware, having to many pokémons to search for can be a bit laggy. I rewrote the code, in my tests everything worked but if you encounter a bug let me know.
  • Added a 'sort to grid' option in the shelter.
  • QoL menus: All the added menus are now respecting your site skin colors!
  • Fixed a few bugs in the fields section. Private view works now after selecting an option, Pokémon click counter now updates on keypresses & berry like/dislike colors are now fixed. Hopefully fixed the 'align to grid' option.
  • Fixed auto update, didn't process the script versions right.

11/01/2019 Version 1.1.0

  • Added various field sorter features on the fields page. For now you can sort Pokémons on berries, in the middle or in a grid.
  • Added Pokémon click counter on fields. Especially handy for fields that only have 1 type of Pokémon in a field.
  • Userscript has it's own settings page now and removed itself from the farm tab. Altogether with a change log. Yeeey
  • Moved the shelter search menu for better access and view.
  • Changed some code around to make it easier to implement new features. Like how the user settings are safed and stuff.

08/01/2019 Version 1.0.0

  • Complete script rewrite, now using jQuery.
  • Advanced Shelter Search rewritten. Can now search on Pokémon with Custom Sprites and on Pokémon name instead of only with image code.
  • Select All checkbox added on field mass release & fishing.
  • Userscript prompts the user when there is an update available for the script.

~Suggestions & Bugs~

If you have any suggestions, questions or found a bug then please let me know in the forum post or personal message so I can address the issue & improve the userscript! If there is an feature in the userscript that's missing an explanation or the explanation isn't clear enough, let me know as well. I hope you'll enjoy it~ Greetings, Bento

~Special Thanks~


For everyone that created a few amazing css codes, mostly for field sorting, that I could implement in QoL. For the ones I could find the name, thank you @DrWho, @Rokon & @Gladion. Sorry if I missed you on the list~
MercyTM's AvatarMercyTM
MercyTM's Avatar
Works great so far, other than having to hit ctrl+F5 any time I want to use it, but thats just a small annoyance.
jarjarkai's Avatarjarjarkai
jarjarkai's Avatar
I'm confused, how does this work? I had it search for tyrunt eggs, but it was only finding them every few resets, like I would've done anyways
Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
Gumshoe's Avatar
As there is no way to modify shelter searches to specifically find/filter a certain pokemon/egg (as that would be Extremely broken), I believe this is more akin to a site skin that highlights certain eggs/pokemon/etc and notifies you when one is on the page you have, which is within site rules.
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jarjarkai's Avatarjarjarkai
jarjarkai's Avatar
aah I see thanks
Bentomon's AvatarBentomon
Bentomon's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by MercyTM

Works great so far, other than having to hit ctrl+F5 any time I want to use it, but thats just a small annoyance.
@MercyTM Bug is fixed, get new version from my git link.

QUOTE originally posted by jarjarkai

I'm confused, how does this work? I had it search for tyrunt eggs, but it was only finding them every few resets, like I would've done anyways
@jarjarkai there is a tooltip in the settings menu with a link to a forum post which explains exactly how to find custom pokémons/eggs.
MercyTM's AvatarMercyTM
MercyTM's Avatar
Still getting the same thing, up to date firefox and tampermonkey, cleared cache + re-signed in. I dont really mind it, but if you want to try and diagnose with me Id love to help :D
Kìdãgírl8's AvatarKìdãgírl8
Kìdãgírl8's Avatar
This will show me if there is a new/undexed pokemon/egg on the page?
trollhunter's Avatartrollhunter
trollhunter's Avatar
is there a way to change the popup? i've tried to change the css for the tooltip but it's still the original bright colours.
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cryptidlatias's Avatarcryptidlatias
cryptidlatias's Avatar
Just a suggestion, I've found a couple of Custom Sprites in the Shelter, and that's a tag that pops up near the gender/shiny symbols. Would it be possible to add something that recognized that as well?
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