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nekos-mau's Avatarnekos-mau
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Aside from the fact I had no idea what to Title this with- I'd like to know... if there is a way to see like- Release history, or pokemon colection history. As in (lets just say) I released a Shinx, and I want to see how many players it has gone through, and who evolved it and everything. I'm also posting this- in pure utter confusion. I have seemed to have either accidentally released a special (personal favorite) Legendary pokemon. and I've checked EVERY feild of mine about 5 times. So I want to see if I'm able to track it down in hopes to get a trade for it back. Thank you for your time! :3
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Arsenal's AvatarArsenal
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You can see the history if you have the link of said pokemon. Then you can track it by the timeline. Otherwise, there isn't a way to see the history of a pokemon.
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have you tried Search Fields to find your missing legendary?
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nekos-mau's Avatarnekos-mau
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~ To Arsenal ~ I tried to look in my browser history- but the whole thing is a mess of pokemon sites, tumbler, youtube, and other sites. i used the search but nothing showed up, so its complicated doing it that way. thats why i was wondering if there was a way to see like a mass history of pokemon that you released and all. ~ To SLIME ~ i did. sadly. nothing. so i want to know if i (may have) accidentally released it while clearing out a field
Mareep's AvatarMareep
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Go to your field and click the three lines in the right bottom corner to open the menu. Click on 'search fields' and enter the species (not the nickname) of your pokemon. All boxes that contain that species will be highlighted. If you can't find it that way, you released it. Easiest way to find the link in your search history is to search for "nekos-mau's [(NICK)NAME OF YOUR POKEMON]". That will show you all the profiles of your pokemon of that name, that you've been on since the last time you've cleared that history. If you actually released it and it's still in the shelter or you can't find a link, it can pay off to make a thread in the trade forum and offer a small reward for finding it. People on here usually like to help out and I've seen a lot of pokemon getting returned. Just keep in mind that pokemon in the shelter get deleted after 7 days. Since it's a legendary, chances are great that someone picked it up
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nekos-mau's Avatarnekos-mau
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Thank you Mareep. But sadly i tent to clear my history after a day or two so its just poof gone- x-x but i might make a thread for a reward. though im not the best with that kind of stuff since i never know what would be a "good" reward. thank you tho!
Mouse 13's AvatarMouse 13
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Do you use a pokewalker? Have you checked if your missing pokemon is in there?
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nekos-mau's Avatarnekos-mau
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QUOTE originally posted by Mouse 13

Do you use a pokewalker? Have you checked if your missing pokemon is in there?
i didnt think of that- i just did and never have i ever felt more (excuse the language) stupid. thank you. now imma just cry cuz im dumb ;w;

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