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~delta auction[2]~ (done)

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Ãntarëm's AvatarÃntarëm
Ãntarëm's Avatar
Good evening, i would like to auction these deltas to find them a new home. will it be your farm?
/ fire eevee ice vulpix poison clauncher
highest bidder pixelkitty Piplup40 Blackline
values: thunder fang (250gp) 150gp 50k
/ fight espurr normal cubone steel tauros
highest bidder Blackline Piplup40 alien713
values: 285k 20k 25k
dont like this auction? check out these: delta auction 1 delta auction 3 mixed payments and items accepted (at market price) 5k = 5 = 1 shinies/albinos not accepted (with exceptions) dp not accepted this auction ends at the 13th december around 10pm
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click the gif to check it out.
BananaMoonKit's AvatarBananaMoonKit
BananaMoonKit's Avatar
Ahh cuties~ 25 gp each on the poison clauncer, ice vulpix, amd fighting espurr? :3
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Ãntarëm's AvatarÃntarëm
Ãntarëm's Avatar
hello again ^^ addin you for those, thank you ;3
Trebor's AvatarTrebor
Trebor's Avatar
50GP on the Fight espurr please :-)
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Ãntarëm's AvatarÃntarëm
Ãntarëm's Avatar
updated everything :3 thank you!
ToriB's AvatarToriB
ToriB's Avatar
can i bid 100gp for eevee please?
Ãntarëm's AvatarÃntarëm
Ãntarëm's Avatar
adding you to the post :3 ty!
Blackline's AvatarBlackline
Blackline's Avatar
60k cr on the Espurr and 50k on the Clauncher, please ^^
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50 GP on Ice Vulpix?
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Ãntarëm's AvatarÃntarëm
Ãntarëm's Avatar
hello you two, updaying now. thank you :)

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