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The fake, the odd and the different (POKEMON FF)

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it was a rainy night, the egg… the interesting, the odd, and the mysterious egg, it was ready to hatch. It was quite a peculiar night, the blood moon was shining brightly as if it were blood itself. It was a peculiar egg, as well. The black egg with a white marking on the bottom and a purple bat winglike marking on the back. What could this egg be? A fake, an egg taken from an unknown region for adoption, nobody knew what it would hatch into. All the professor knew was it was known as Tuxibat, and its evolution was Tuxipire. Suddenly, a crack. Another, and another. The egg hatched. The delta and fusion knew, that night, a fake was born.

Author note!

hiya! this is the first story i plan on actually putting time into! While this one was a oneshot, and i think it's pretty okay, this is honestly the exposition chapter, and i'll add in more. but this is the prolouge! the main three characters are a fusion(Brittany the Salatini, a fakemon(Max the Tuxibat) and a delta(Winterberry the Lilligant). well anyways, please enjoy my story!
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