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New Legends (Pokefusion RP)

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She gave a small nod to the kids. "As long as you promise you're never going to vandalize another pokemon's home." The kids promised, and she waited for them to turn and tuck their tail and run. She thought about letting them go peacefully, but she felt a little mischievious at the same time. She grinned, and made an audible clicking noise that told one of the Beedrill to put a small sting on the last kid in line. She almost burst into laughter when the Beedrill did so, and the kid shouted and ran faster to catch up to the rest of his group.
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Syna went over and started to try rebuilding the beedrill's homes using the honey seeping into the grass and her new found fire powers. She was able to melt some of the combs back together to make their homes better again but not quite perfect.
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Kenna began salvaging what honey she could, helping Syna to form it back into the combs that made up the Beedrill's nest. She hummed along the way, keeping the Beedrill calm as they helped the rest of the group rebuild their homes. She blinked, looking confused at one of the Beedrill that seemed to just be hanging around her. "Sorry about the kids vandalizing your home. I hope they don't do it again." The Beedrill only buzzed happily, thanking them for their help.
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"Are they all back to happy bumbles now? What else can we do to help them?" Jolts noticed a lot of the flowers were trampled as well and nudged the pokeball with mama in it. Syna released the pokemon inside and she used the leafeon part of her to help the flowers flurish a little while Jolts watered them nicely.
Kenna nodded, helping the pokes and Syna water the flowers. "They are happy again. They're thankful for the help, and offer their home to us whenever we want to stay." She gave one of the Beedrill a nice pet on their head, and they rejoined the hive. "They also wanna apologize to Mama. They didn't mean to hurt her."

Pages: 123··· 192021

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