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New Legends (Pokefusion RP)

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Kenna smirked. "Oh, I think you've got it wrong here, Gary. These ones are better than the ones already on the market." She pulled one of the crystal ones out of her bag, and made it full-size in her hand. "I WOULD give you one to try out yourself, but I don't know if you're really worth it." She taunted, and she could tell that Gary hated her taunting him.
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Gary puffed up in a rage trying to look like the alpha he thought of himself as. Archie had backed down a little but was tempted to pounce in a playful way. Gary looked away annoyed. "Like I said, not even if you paid me," He huffed. "besides," he looked at the crystal gleaming in Kenna's hand and had a hard time pulling himself away from staring. "they're nothing special! So what if the pokemon can see the journey. What do they need to look at anyways?!" It was already known that Gary valued strength over everything in a pokemon as he was even willing to leave him starter charmander in the rain. To him they were just animals, pawns used for him to better himself. "You need one that makes them stronger not one that makes them look around!"
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Kenna made a face at Gary saying that. Of course, she knew that Gary valued the strength of pokemon more than companionship and trust. But she wished it wasn't that way. However, she couldn't help but to smirk when Gary couldn't seem to take his eyes off of the crystal ball that was in her hand. "Then, if you don't think they're worth it, how come you can't stop staring at this one?" She asked. She knew that Syna and Arabella seemed to be quite surprised to see her holding her ground, and challenging Gary pretty well. She always seemed to be the timid type, with that being the last thing she was capable of.

Pages: 123··· 171819

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