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Hunting Paper Tigers - A Writing Contest

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The next competition starts on: 1st April

Hello and welcome. Surely you’ve seen competitions on-site that reward those people who have stunning artistic abilities? But people often forget that art isn’t just pretty pictures and sparkles - because isn’t there something just as special in a beautifully crafted story that fulfils a need in your heart you weren’t even aware was there? Come, and join me as we hunt paper tigers. What I’m looking for here is written works of prose. I’m not interested in drawings or (sorry!) poetry. Paint me a picture with words and show me a new world. Once every two months I will give out a prompt. This may be a theme or idea, it could be a location or an object, it may be a combination of those things. Your mission is to write a story inspired by or featuring the prompt. Your story will be judged based on criteria explained later in this post, and everyone’s scores will be posted at the end of the contest (at the end of the month). The writer of my favourite story will win a prize! The prizes may be shiny or albino Pokemon, Summons, Mega Stones or currency. Writers will also recieve detailed feedback from me on what I liked and how I think they can improve. I am not a professional editor, but I have entered and placed well in several writing competitions and I am familiar with writing techniques and conventions. Think of it like someone beta-reading your story. Winners and any Honourable Mentions will recieve feedback, and other entrants may request feedback.


1. Please keep your stories suitable for the forum content level. It doesn’t have to be cutesy but neither should it be a gorefest. 2. There is a minimum length requirement of 500 words. There is no upper word limit - write as much as you need to tell the story you want to tell. 3. Do not post WIP or ‘claiming’ posts. Please only post when you have a complete story to enter. 4. Please make sure to follow the prompts! 5. I do not have any claim on your story, even if you win. You retain all rights to your piece. 6. That said, please only enter stories which have been written specifically for this contest! I don’t mind what you do with it afterwards (since it’s not my story) but the piece should be *new* when you enter it here. 7. Please use original content only. No fan-fic will be accepted. This includes OCs in worlds belonging to others. I want to see your worlds and characters, not your take on someone else’s. 8. You have a week to claim your prize unless you let me know that you are experiencing issues or delays. If it is not claimed in time it will return to the prize pool to be given out at a later date. 9. I may, at my own discretion, award ‘Honourable Mentions’ in addition to the main winner. The Honourable Mentions will recieve 5 small Gems. 10. The winner of the most recent round may enter into the next round, however they will not be eligible to win the main prize. They may recieve an Honourable Mention. 11. Recipients of Honourable Mentions may enter into the next round and are eligible to win the main prize. 12. If you do not want your feedback to be posted on the forums (or if you do not want to recieve feedback at all) please note this when you post your entry, even if you’ve entered before. 13. Entries can be posted to the forums or you can link the file from OneDrive or GoogleDocs. 14. I reserve the right to disqualify a story which does not adhere to the rules or which is poorly written in terms of grammar and spelling to the point of being impossible to read. 15. Sometimes I will specify that I am in the mood to read a genre or a style - this is not a requirement that you need to follow, it’s just what I’m currently craving in terms of a story. You may freely ignore it if you want.

Theme Prompt

Theme: Beauty - the things that make people beautiful, and the things people will do to become beautiful.

Sample Story - A field of sunflowers

A pretty face isn't all that that Ammarie is, but what lurks unseen beneath the surface?
Her footsteps were the only noise in the gilded corridor, the tiny sounds of her heels echoed and amplified until it became the tread of a fateful army thundering in her ears. As the grand doors swung open, she swallowed the acrid bile that rose in her throat and flashed a smile at the assembled guests. Suppressing the urge to burst into a run, to leap and jump and fly only to inevitably fall in tangles of silk and taffeta, Ammarie descended. Her shoes, studded with seed pearls and amber, flashed coy glimpses from beneath the heady confection, while on her brow gold and citrine winked and sparkled. The gown was as brilliant as the heart of a daisy, as bright and gleaming as the summer sun. Folds and ruffles cascaded in buttery waves down to the ground, the sleeves sleek and shapely as a daffodil’s trumpet. Her shoes, studded with seed pearls and amber, flashed coy glimpses from beneath the heady confection, while on her brow gold and citrine winked and sparkled. She was the picture of perfection as she made her entrance to the party, her marvellous dress outshone only by the brilliance of her smile. Head held high, her eyes flitted around the room, searching for him. A brief glimpse sent her heart thudding in her chest, beating against her ribs like a beast against the bars of its cage and she stumbled slightly on the final step. But the crowd swarmed forwards, all sharp shatter-glass smiles and empty flittering compliment, and she lost sight of him. Her gloved hands were lifted, held to mouths, passed along like a sacrifice in a ritual. Her daffodil dress, as bright and gleaming as the summer sun, was complimented and admired as avarice glittered in the golden reflections in their eyes. Ammarie flicked a loose strand of chestnut hair from her brow as she made her way through the party’s flowing tides. A smile here, a laugh there, some small jest or gentle touch and the crowd parted as easily as silk curtains. Above her, the great chandeliers sparkled and gleamed with the light of a billion candles. Warm, cozy light sharpened and split until it stabbed like knives and razored through the air. Her heart pounded madly, although her fluttering lace fan hid the flush on her cheeks and her shallow breathing could be explained away by the corset constricting her innards. Definitely the whalebone, carved out of some great dead leviathan, and not her heart trying to squeeze its way from her chest at all. As though she, of all people, would be nervous about this event. Of course not. It was laughable, really. No-one else felt their stomach clench and roil when they saw him; why should she be any different? She kept an eye on him as she navigated the tides of the crowd with expert ease; a steady-ruddered ship buffeted by tumult. The storm of her thundering heart battered against her chest and trumpeted in her ears; every flash of pearly teeth in an easy smile sent lightning skittering across her heart. It was childish, unbefitting of her station, and like a storm would surely pass. Oh lord, please let it pass soon. Her friends twittered like birds as she passed them, but of course the topic on their lips was like acid on her ears, and so she wove her way into the thick of the throng, where revelry drowned out the talk. She grabbed a flute of pale amber champagne and watched the bubbles pop and fizzle. They all whizzed in the same direction, heedless of their fate, hurrying to the embrace of... of what? What did the future hold for them, once they opened themselves to the sky and mingled with the air? Were they still as before, or did they become lost in the sameness of their surrounds? An insignificant face in a sea of faces? Her breath hitched, caught in her throat like a steel blade, and she put the glass down without touching a sip of it. A little fresh air was just the thing. Yes. And then... she would be calm, still as a lake. She would look towards the future with bright eyes. She would... she could talk to him? Surely... she could manage that. The air on the veranda was chill after the sweltering, moist press of bodies and breath that filled the grand hall. Above her hung the harvest moon, bloated and yellow like a wheel of cheese, like a pregnant belly fit to burst. She averted her eyes and slipped into the shadows. As she leant again the trunk of an oak, feeling its roughness catch and pull at the yellow silk of her gloves, she heard others in the garden. Laughter, talking, voices muffled and quieted by the delicious prospect of lascivious intents. Illicit meetings, clandestine touches. Salacious whispers hidden by the thin veil of the night. How boorish and disgusting it seemed, and she struggled to block out the intrusive sounds. But of course, even if she succeeded, what would be expected of her, oh so soon? She would need to swoon and flutter and smile coquettishly and ignore the serpent writhing deep in her guts. A dutiful, beautiful wife. A queen to her king. A bird in a golden cage. She saw him step out onto the marble of the veranda, looking out over the garden where she lurked. She in shadow, he a shadow outlined by the golden light that spilled from the hall. Her heart leaped and thundered, so loud it seemed certain he would hear it. His head turned, as if he was searching for her, scenting for his prey, a golden hart hidden amongst the greenery, but after a long, lingering moment, he turned away and stepped back into the light. No. Her blood pounded to the rhythm of the word as certainty settled on her shoulders like a mantle. Thick, heavy, but not as heavy as the golden chains that bound her here. No. Ammarie hesitated on the edge of the light, gown whispering as it swished around her legs. The mere thought of remaining in the beautiful gilded cage of the palace, the gleaming lights, made her stomach heave. The thought of being touched, stared at and paraded at his side for all the world to see… Her skin prickled with horror. She knew her duty, knew what was right, and Ammarie could only hope her parents would forgive her, one day, for betraying them like this. Maybe they would never know – if she let the shadows swallow her up, what would they say about her? Because if she stayed in the light, wore a perfect smile and perfect clothes and a perfect role, she felt as though she would turn to glass. Nothing more than a porcelain doll. And eventually, her smile would crack and shatter and everyone would see the horrid mess of her craven heart. Because that was all fragile things did – break. And if it was inevitable, unavoidable, that she would end in a thousand shameful pieces… then why not tonight? What was the point of delaying? Tears spotted the ground as she walked, away from the lights of her betrothal night and into the welcoming arms of the darkness. Anonymity. A tarnished patina smeared over the gold.

Current Prize

Current Entrants

SnivyQueen15 - To Whom I Cherish Also
Serpex - One Final Wish
TamerSnow582615 - The Christmas Gift

Past Winners

Name Rank Story Feedback
peachyness Winner The Last Sunrise Feedback
Calle HM Blue Fire Feedback
cimmy394 HM At the Ends of the Earth Feedback
Inconspicuous HM A Living Venn Diagram Feedback
CobaltComm HM Thermal Bunker Feedback
Delta1413 Winner Too good to be true Feedback
cimmy394 HM Astigmatism Feedback
auroraveils HM Uphill Battle Feedback
NekoStories Winner Desert Flower Feedback
Midnightsp HM The bus drivers' repentance Feedback
toothyJackal Winner (the) therapeutic effects of memory lane Feedback
peachyness HM Thicker Than Water Feedback
Delta1413 HM Sucker Punches Feedback
Raichi HM Final Slice of Faith Feedback
Calle Winner The Thief Feedback
Harkat HM Birds Feedback
Saltea Winner Bittersweet Feedback
SnivyQueen15 HM The Gift of Life Feedback
Raichi HM Cheater Feedback
salenea HM Kindness Repays Itself Feedback
salenea Winner Stellar Horizon Feedback
Lilypadlife HM The Cherished Moment Feedback
Mawile94 Winner Bright Shadow Feedback
SnivyQueen15 HM Bloodstained Hexes Feedback
TamerSnow582615 HM Murder House Feedback
Serpex HM Press Play Feedback

Past Entrants

December 2018

THEME Fire and Ice - A tenuous equilibrium or a war waiting for a spark?

MegaPokemonFan - The Elemental War
CobaltComm - Thermal Bunker
RenCringe - It All Stood Still
brindlefinch - What Was Once Will Be
peachyness - The Last Sunrise
Inconspicuous - A Living Venn Diagram
Calle - Blue Fire
cimmy394 - At the Ends of the Earth

Janurary 2019

THEME Dreams - in the depths of sleep, in the farthest recesses of the soul, what lurks in the slumbering mind?

auroraveils - Uphill Battle
Goldenrod7 - The Water in Which the Truth Dwells
Calle - The Lonely Wanderer
cimmy394 - Astigmatism
Delta1413 - Too good to be true

March 2019

THEME Serendipity - do you believe in chance or was this a fated outcome?

Midnightsp - The bus drivers' repentance
NekoStories - Desert Flower

April 2019

ITEM The last slice of pizza - it’s not just any piece of pizza, it’s the very final slice. The best slice, because after that there is none left. GENRE Thriller - a story with rising tension driven by events and secrets. Can be action-y or more moralistic but must keep readers in suspense regarding the outcome and the actions taken to achieve that outcome.

Delta1413 - Sucker Punches
SnivyQueen15 - The Last Slice
Raichi - Final Slice of Faith
ArtisticUmbresol - It's Never What It Seems
peachyness - Thicker Than Water
toothyjackal - (the) therapeutic effects of memory lane

May 2019

THEME Prison - what keeps you here? Is it chains on your wrists or in your mind, and are they deserved?

Calle - The Thief
Harkat - Birds

August 2019

THEME Kindness - looking out for others and treating them well. Sweet and soft or firm but fair; there are many ways to show kindness.

SnivyQueen15 - The Gift of Life
Saltea - Bittersweet
Raichi - Cheater
salenea - Kindness Repays Itself

August 2019

THEME Special Days - every day is priceless, but some are more special to you than others. Whether or not you know it at the time, even the smallest thing can make a day truly cherished.

Lilypadlife - The Cherished Moment
salenea - Stellar Horizon

October 2019

GENRE Ghost Story - a tale containing ghosty beings, be they faded memories, malevolent spirits or eldritch horrors.

VianTheGryphon - Trick or Treat, Bite to Eat
SnivyQueen15 - Bloodstained Hexes
Mawile94 - Bright Shadow
TamerSnow582615 - Murder House
Geminial - Lucius?
Serpex - Press Play

Scoring Information

Title - 5 points: Is your title compelling? Does it catch my attention, pull me in, and does it fit your story? For full points it should be: intriguing, unique and add to my understanding or appreciation of the story. Spelling and Grammar - 20 points: Is your spelling good, do you know how to use semi-colons, apostrophes and ellipses dots? This category also includes things like phrasing, knowing the difference between ‘there’, ‘their’ and ‘they’re’ and whether you are consistent with your tenses. For full points your story should have: minimal/no spelling or grammar mistakes, your tenses should be consistent throughout and you should be using words correctly. Length - 15 points: Not just whether you reached the minimum word limit but how well you used the length you chose. A long story filled with filler and story-threads that go nowhere will score worse than a story that barely scraped 500 words but was complete and concise. For full points your story should: use words economically, not pad for the sake of padding, not be too short and be exactly as long as it needs to be to tell a satisfactory story. Prompt - 10 points: How well you used the prompt and how accurately you adhered to it. For full marks you should: creatively interpret the prompt and make it the focus of the story without necassarily being overbearing. Locations should be the main setting and objects should play a key role in the story. Imagination - 20 points: Were you creative with not only the prompt but the world and the characters you created? Did you make me think wow, what a unique world!? Have you taken an unexpected stance on the prompt or did your story have an unexpected but clever twist or premise? For full marks your story needs to: be clever and unique in its setting and premise, use the prompt in a non-obvious but satisfying way and feel well-developed and thought out. Clarity and Flow - 30 points: Is your writing clear, does it let me know exactly what’s going on without being confusing? Are your transitions clear and do they make sense, or is your plot jumbled and bewildering? Do your events lead on from one another well? Most importantly, are objects and characters disappearing or appearing from nowhere with no rhyme or reason? For full points your story should: make sense, have characters, settings, objects and abilities which are clearly introduced and moving around sensibly and the plot should progress in an order that makes sense (although this does not mean your story must be told in a strictly linear format). Characterisation - 10 points: Are your characters engaging and sympathetic? Do your villains feel threatening? Are your good guys feeling heroic to read about and do they all have clear goals and motivations? Are your characters complex or flat? For full points your characters: should have goals and emotions that make sense and are internally consistent, they need to grow or change over the course of the story, not just being one-note cut-outs and they should be relatable and understandable, even if they are detestable people. Narrative Skill - 50 points: This category is a big and rather nebulous one that can be summed up by one question: have you told a good story? A good story is compelling, it has a central conflict which is satisfyingly resolved through the actions of the protagonists (or their failure to resolve it can also be satisfying) and the characters are interesting and make me care for them and their troubles. This category also includes more technical aspects such as: have you used things like foreshadowing or misdirection well? Have your plot threads been resolved? Were your scenes adding to the story and my understanding of it? Did you keep me reading because I wanted to know how this story ended? Did your opening grab me and did your ending make me go wow? How was your pacing? Did you write engagingly, was your style fun to read? For full marks, your story should: keep me reading with interest, provoke thought and wonderment with its conclusion and be written with skill and technical ability on show. Total: 160 points


Donation Donated By Won By Round
Shiny Litleo ktensei salenea August 2019
Pyrite Q ktensei salenea August 2019
MegaStone Voucher 5 ktensei Harkat May 2019
Shiny Totem Mimyku Goldenrod7 NekoStories March 2019
Shiny Minun ktensei
Shiny Plusle ktensei
Shiny Minun ktensei
Shiny Skiddo Antarem December 2019
Shiny Flying Pichu Antarem
Shiny Minun ktensei
Shiny Gollett + Golurk milo.bread
Albino Togekiss milo.bread Saltea August 2019
Delta Stufful Calle December 2019
I'm currently in the mood to read: Something warm, sweet and romantic.
Enter my bi-monthly writing competetion here! Prizes to be won! Stories to be told! Explore the continent of Cassia and join the Adventurers’ Guild in Tanzarine City here! A PMD story with huge world-building, personalised storylines and mysteries galore! Avatar made for me by FlarinaFairy as a Secret Santa gift.
DreamThief's AvatarDreamThief
DreamThief's Avatar
Aaaand we’re live! Apologies that you won’t have the entire month for this round, but the other rounds will be longer. :) Let’s hunt some tigers!
(sorry this is kinda dark... and sad...I suck at writing but I tried...)

The elemental war

Fire and ice… The war will rise. Fire side, they have their strength and determination and my side ice has their magic. We will either fall and be reborn or rise up and win.... Those are the only options. Who do you choose to join. Dear mother, I am sorry if I do not make it just know I tried, like everyone else. Dear father you believe that I was strong and so were you before you were struck down. I will avenge you, for mother. Soon the horn will sound for us to make our way onto the battlefield. I am soon going into the fray, I am scared but I will surpass my own expectations i'm sure… there it is! I'm running, I can do this! We can do this! I am within the fray. This is much different than training! I'm terrified! Can't move…’move narey’ I hear the others say. But I cant im stuck in place, terrified. I’m eventually able to finally move but then I see… the blood, I finally see the bloody history of war… why hadn't father told me this… A fire warrior races toward me. I attack quickly before my own life is taken. Like they say, “it’s either you of them!” and now we must abide to that. I now realize how powerful I truly am. Killing him, blowing off his face and chest. I am terrified, I don't know what to do. He had a family and life im sure. I look around seeing my allies and friends fall down. dead…’No, no, no, NO!’ I run over grief stricken. I see the fire warrior who did this. I walk over my spell in hand and before I realize what I have done, He lays dead at my feet. I still only see red. After I calm down I see what I have done… I feel ashamed, they may have been of another faction they still have a family and friends. I stand there. But with my lack of attention a fire warrior attacks me. They stabbed me in the back. Both literally and figuratively. They don't realize who I am until I lay on the ground losing life and hope. They gasp, “what have I done!” they collapse grief stricken. I gasp, my last words spoken out loud, “goodbye...friend”, I close my eyes thinking my last thoughts, “So this is it… this is my demise… my mind is clear, I will soon see everyone I know who passed on before me… Father, nira, skywin, and derice… I feel peaceful even though i'm on my own deathbed… but still, goodbye mother, I tried, I failed even with my training I didn't succeed. I tried is all I can truly say, Im sorry mother...I will protect you from the stars above…” I take my last breath and open my eyes. My body is stary and light, my soul is no longer heavy. I look around and see my friends and family, I see other people too. “Hello?” they all speak in unison, “welcome home.”


art by miffed ^^

my badges

the image doesent fully show up. also my new icon is by aidanshepard
CobaltComm's AvatarCobaltComm
CobaltComm's Avatar
Not the best writer but I can try...not even sure if it really follows the prompt that well but I managed to write something.

Thermal Bunker

<BEGIN RECORDING.> It's been a while. This time I have a plan. They can't stand each other, so if I... No, no. That won't work. Joseph tried that already, ended up like all the rest. No matter. World's all but gone anyway--tried to set out a farm last week, and it ended up with burnt plants tucked under the permafrost. I don't even know how that happened...it's like they just do this to spite everything else that lives. They've been fighting for so long... They don't sleep. They don't eat. All they seem to do is destroy. Whether it's locking something under ice for eternity or reducing it to a fine pile of ash, it just doesn't matter--nothing lives. But I can't just stay cooped up in here forever...Miranda, what do I do? ...no point in asking. I really am going crazy. Here I am, talking to the last working computer in this godforsaken place, as if someone's going to find this and listen to me moan for ten minutes. How have I come here? Well, if I'm going crazy, might as well explain some, right? Okay, so there's the beasts outside that ruined the world and everyone else starved. There, that's the jist of it. {A sighing sound.} You already know this--if you've found this, you've been out there. You've seen them. We've tried everything, and nothing has worked! There's no more food, there's barely any water, and the nightmares have kept me up so long... Miranda... {The sound of a fist hitting the table reverbrates through the microphone.} I told myself I wouldn't do this, for the love of...! Okay, just gotta calm down... {A pill bottle rattles, followed by a swallowing sound.} I don't even have enough water to take these with. Can you believe that? I can't even take a drink to down my pills. {More rattling.} Crap...looks like I've got...two days? Three? That ain't good. Last thing I need's more hallucinations... Ah, right. Was talking to the computer like a crazy person. Okay, where was I? Oh, right, complaining about how I'm trapped with no methods of escape or survival! Joy. Anyway, as you can see, I've got about no chance of making it out of here. Only reason I've lasted this long was due to how far down this place is... {He lets loose a shuddering sound.} Haven't seen the sun in days--going out in the morning's a death sentence. Usually they're right above me whenever the sun's up--at this point it's the only way I can keep track of time. {A rumbling echoes, static crackling as if the microphone was rattling.} Speaking of, looks like it's about dawn. Hope ya don't mind the noise--it's going to be a while. Were it not for the fact that they were too busy tearing each other apart I'd probably be dead, but it's nothing to worry about here--I mean if I need anything, I'll have to wait for a few hours, but it's not like it's gonna get much better even if they do stop. Used to go to this nice little deli on 45th, scrounge up what I can, but found it totally frozen yesterday. Shame, too--lots of non-perishables in there. Lord knows that's all we've got left... Miranda...I miss you... If anyone ever does listen to this, I hope the world isn't as awful as it is now. And if nobody does, well, guess we're all gone, so nobody'd care. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a good bit of waiting to do before the two...whatever those things are up there stop trying to rip each other to shreds in this general area. Here's hoping I can figure something out eventually...this isn't living. It's surviving, nothing more. Miranda, if you could see me-- {A crackling is heard, a sudden shout halfway through it as the rending of metal can be heard, before the sound of dead air fills the air for a moment. Then, a loud FWOOSH, the dull roar of flames, a dose of static, and finally, silence.} <END RECORDING.>
Again, not much of a writer, sorry if it's no good :|
DreamThief's AvatarDreamThief
DreamThief's Avatar
Thanks for the entries guys! Looking good. :)
RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
RenCringe's Avatar
Yoof I have to write some stuff

It All Stood Still

"Clara? Are you sure that it's harmless?" My twin brother, Chase, asked. We were standing in front of the temple dedicated to our Djinn, Ka-Kō, lord of the pure and granter of all pure wishes. "Esara said it would be like taking a long nap, and that we'd wake up in Ka-Kō's pure garden. Esara hasn't lied to us before.. so it should be safe." I answered, depending on the belief that our mentor's words were true. Chase gulped and nodded as I gave him a soft smile. We had plenty of time before we had to go inside, and-- "BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMPPPPPHHHHH" Oh, nevermind. The sudden noise made Chase cling to me. I didn't know that a 14 year old boy could be so timid. Despite my slight annoyance, I clung to him back as the large temple doors opened, emitting a warm yet crisp musty odor. Taking a deep breath and then command, I started walking inside with Chase on my heels like a puppy. It was really dark and freezing inside, which didn't come as a surprise to me. It had been sealed off under a mountain that reached below freezing temperatures for many years until it resurfaced. "Clara.. it's so hot..!" Chase panted as he let go of me, beads of sweat dropping to the ground. I could almost swear they froze and them evaporated before they even fell past his knees. "That's weird, it's freezing cold to me. Maybe it's because you were clinging to me?" I said, determined that there was a logical answer. Chase just nodded and we continued into the temple. I knew it was just one big hall, but I didn't expect it to be as massive as this. Finally reaching the end after a couple awkward minutes of silence, I spied the altar. Excitedly nudging Chase and pointing at it with a cold hand, we rushed towards it in desperation to see something other than a long black hallway. Upon reaching the altar, we both looked for the two slabs of quartz we knew would be there. Finding them just behind the two fire pits that made up the small altar, we stood in our respective spots; Chase to my left and me to my right. We began to recite the ancient chant that must not be written, and as we did so fire sprung up from the empty metal basins. Something was different though, Chase's looked like regular fire while mine looked almost like ice. I heard a scream from beside me as I saw Chase get dragged into his flames. "CLARA!! CLARA, IT BURNS!!" I opened my mouth to cry in response. "I-I'TS SO COLD!! CHASE!!" I scream as a painful freezing sensation quickly dragged me down too. ~??? years have passed since the death of Clara and Chase.~ "A woman and man each sharpened a blade a few yards away (and facing away) from each other. It seemed like they were in a fight of some sort, a storm brewing angrily behind both. The storms seemed to be made of fire and ice. Seemingly finished with their job, the woman and man stood up and bowed, still facing away from each other, and facing their blades directly upwards. '"Ka-Kō bless my opponent."' They chanted. Then impaled their blades into the ground as the storms rushed at their opponents, fire and ice colliding. The fire melted the ice, which turned the ice into water which then put out the fire. It seemed like it would be a loss for both sides. Even after the clash of the elements, a cloud of each storm seemingly limped past each other to go attempt to wreak havoc on their own ultimate villan: the other storm's commander. Both of the storm clouds fizzled out just as they made it to their enemy. The woman and the man were now left with no choice but to duel with their blades. Yanking them from the ground, they then launched into battle with their eyes closed. Surprisingly, they fought with a master swordfighter's skill despite having no sight. Heated metal clashed against chilled metal as desperation grew. Finally, they dropped both their blades and fell to the ground, mere inches from each other. Panting heavily, the man and woman were obliged to open their eyes. Tense from the possibility of killing each other by looking at the other, the woman finally locked eyes with the man. A few seconds passed as both realized their opponent. '"No.. no.. it's not true.."' The man said, terrified. '"I.. I.."' The woman responded, scared. '"Clara.."' '"Chase.. "' Both had come to the realization that they were fighting their long lost siblings, now the Djinn of the element they had been consumed by. A Djinn fight wasn't an ordinary fight, it went on forever. The siblings were locked into fighting forever. Both had to get up, tears streaming down their faces. Clara's tears were snowflakes and Chase's were embers. Getting back in position, they were now locked into this fight that they had begun out of jealousy of the other. Some say that they're still fighting to this day." I took a deep breath after finishing my story, the small children listening let out a collective sigh after realizing the story was over and that they had to go to bed. "Wait!! Nana Esara, is the story true?" A small girl asked. "Of course not." I said and chuckled as the girl looked rather disappointed. I shoo'd them all off to bed. After finishing, I headed to my own bed. I smiled as I heard the echoed screams only I could hear, the screams of all my victims. The loudest ones were from Clara and Chase. I climbed into the soft sheets they'd never have again, and settled down. As soon as I felt myself drift off to sleep, I could feel everything drift off with me as it all stood still.
I fell asleep halfway through writing this and finished it at 2:00 AM so that's great have hecking fun

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Hey,um,am I allowed to just reserve this here so I dont forget that I didnt finish it? Its not even close to being finish,my mind is crazy. Tundra of Fire (W.I.P) Time to completely hiatus my comic scripti- Google docs: *Edited 2 months ago* Me: SCREEEECHHH

Tundra of Fire

The winds through the tundra started getting warmer,Graci asked “Are we ne-near the town?”,with fear clouding her worried eyes.”Only time will tell,” Teardrop said,with a pinch of melancholy full in her voice, “We don’t know what it is,but remember,Graci,we have received our powers.”. Graci whined “But we just received them!Why do we have to go out on this painful mission a dawn after we got them?”. Then , Teardrop heard a rustling from a nearby bush coated with a thick layer of snow. A white figure popped out of the bush. Graci and Teardrop stared at him. “What in the name of Brightstar is that?” Teardrop asked,sounding shocked. Graci stared at the white figure,wordlessly. “Uh..” the white figure replied awkwardly “I have no idea,but it shine- HOLY WHAT THE LIVING WOLF FALLING OF MOUNT FLAKE?”. Graci stared at the mysterious item “What the?Why is it glowing like a flame?Icicle?”. Icicle’s eyes started staring blankly at the gray clouds hovering closely near them.Snow plunged out. Teardrop stared at Icicle. “What?Look at his..eyes...Why is it full of blasting flames?”. Graci and Teardrop started staring at eachother. Teardrop carefully inspected Icicles mysterious amulet.A second later,Teardrop started to enter his dreams! “What?” Teadrop whined “This isn’t my promised power!I was suppose to be able to control tiny bits of water!”. Then she walked over to Icicle. She saw a icy,calm looking creature. The creature started to appear more clearly.She saw the image turn into a wolf,with icy blue fur.She heard Icicle blurt out “Wha-what?Wolf of Never Melting Ice?What are you doing here!”. The ice coloured wolf replied calmly “Icicle,I know your freaking out.But your little team is in the tundra.Correct?”. “Yes” . “Well the thing is that,you know Wolf of Immortal Flames,right?” MeltingIce asked. “Well,you know that all us elemental wolves have one side of light and one side of dark.Well, Wolf of Deadly Fires has,well..invaded the tundra...”,then the beatiful icy wolf walked away and stared down at the tundra they were journeying through. “Its all my fault!I couldn’t protect anybody and now DeadlyFires is invading the whole tundra!”. Then Icicle’s eyes started getting blurred out by sorrow. “No..we have to fix this,we can’t just give up so easily!” He whined. “I love how persistent your nature is,Icicle,” MeltingIce replied, “but things have to come and go,and there goes my home.” Icicle stared at her,”No!Don’t leave!” he whined,with both eyes and voice clogged out with sorrow.It was too late,the image already faded. “Hey,hey..wake up..please!” Graci whined “Don’t say I lost you both already!”.Teardrop started to open her eyes “Ugh...”, Graci yelled “Thank MeltingIce!”. A few seconds later,Icicle’s eyes started to open,too.He yelled “No time left!Find DeadlyFires now!”.He started to dash off into the distance. Graci and Teardrop sprinted after him. Graci asked “What happened?”, Teardrop replied,first just staying silent. “Well,MeltingIce told Icicle DeadlyFire is..ruining the tundra.”.Graci stared at Icicle blankly for a few moments,and finally sighed “O-okay...” Icicle started to stop and wait for Graci and Teardrop.He noticed how exhausted they must be.”Oops,sorry…” he apologized. “No worries.” Teardrop replied. “Can we rest?” Graci asked and flopped down.They both nodded. “I’ll take that as a yes.”.Teardrop and Icicle left her be.

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Hi ImaFishstick, just letting you know that rule number 3 specifies that WIP or reserve posts are not allowed. I’m willing to let it slide this time since you have some content and it’s not just a blank post, but please don’t do this in future. Wonderful entry, thanks RenCringe!
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Hi! So, I wanted to do a more like... Fire and ice, emotionally, than elemental-wise? Passion and indifference. I hope that's okay? What Was Once Will Be
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