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Memorable Pokémon experiences?

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MintyDeku's AvatarMintyDeku
MintyDeku's Avatar
Anybody have any stories of something memorable that happened to you while playing pokémon games? This could be anything from the main games to spinoffs.
I once recall playing White 2, and I had a Riolu on my team. Now, at this point, the riolu was very underleveled. As in, I was at the third gym in the game and she was only level 9. I was on Burgh's last pokémon (which they had red health, too) and they had wiped out almost every single one of mine. Except for one. Riolu, being at least 11 levels below, with red HP, was my last pokémon. The situation felt entirely helpless since I ran out of healing items, and Riolu was not exactly suited to take on this pokémon. Or so I thought at first. It was then I noticed riolu had a game-changing move, quick attack. With that, Riolu struck first and knocked out the tired pokémon! And when she gained exp, she leveled up at least twelve times from what I remember, hearing that level up chime over and over was very satisfying. With that, she finally evolved into Lucario.

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RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
RenCringe's Avatar
Honestly the entire experience of both PokéPark games (Pikachu's Adventure and Wonders Beyond) were memorable in themselves, but one moment stood out greatly from the rest. My younger brother had recently beaten Pikachu's Adventure and was working on Wonders Beyond, and he got stuck at the dancing minigame with Lopunny from the second section of Wish Park. Every morning when I went downstairs, he was there, playing the minigame over and over in a desperate attempt to beat it. This went on for ages, resulting in me laying in the floor of my room silently holding what I thought was a wish stone (a smooth brown rock that looked not unlike bread; my friends told me about it and I believed it) and screaming internally that we could finally beat the minigame as I had been helping from the sidelines by giving suggestions. Finally, it struck me: don't just swing the Wii remote over and over, swing it to the beat of the music and the poses. With that, I triumphantly beat the minigame myself and my brother went on to %100 the game his first try, and do it various times again.
Xionahri's AvatarXionahri
Xionahri's Avatar
Wehn I was playing Sapphire, I was casually surfing around, when I suddenly found a cave I've never seen before. I walked in it for a bit, before suddenly an enemy encounter happened. You know, how in gen3, when an enemy encounter happens, the beginning shows the sprite with faded colours till all of the UI-stuff appers? Yeah. Even at that faded colour, the zubat I had encountered looked different. Then, it finally showed it's full glory. And it was very green. This is the story on how I encountered my first shiny that wasn't gen2's red gyarados.
egseal's Avataregseal
egseal's Avatar
today i cot a regirock in a reppeat ball first thing, and it was my first one. (i thought i was throwing a quick ball). 1t was in um
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