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Trolltaku's AvatarTrolltaku
Trolltaku's Avatar
Trolltaku: SW-6685-3503-2997 (Trolltaku) Just bought sword, soooo gonna be no-lifing that for a few months :D
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SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
SnivyQueen15's Avatar
Here's mine! I'm down as Shanice on my Switch: 2256-4182-2046 If it doesn't work, let me know via PM! Edit: I don't have a online membership yet, so don't expect me to be able to play. Plus, I'm adding some of ya!
Suríya's AvatarSuríya
Suríya's Avatar
When adding your name to the list please use the format given :) Some people have not been added as they did not do so and I'm waiting for the right formatting~
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Duusu's AvatarDuusu
Duusu's Avatar
PFQ Username: Duusu SW-5987-3016-3208 (NarstyEggs) Is this all correct, now? ^^
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SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
SnivyQueen15's Avatar
Oh, ok then. PFQ Username: SnivyQueen15 SW-2256-4182-2046. Is that right?
Cele's AvatarCele
Cele's Avatar
Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Are you sure?

I HAVE FISH. And I'm making rows of trees. I'll be back in like a year when I've burned myself out on this game. :P
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Is Animal Crossing: New Horizons discussion allowed here? =)


Are you sure?

I just got the game and an only a couple of days into it, but I'd love to visit other folks' Islands! Dodo codes preferred so I can make sure getting to the right one ^^
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Animestia's AvatarAnimestia
Animestia's Avatar
Animestia: SW-6578-6374-7786 (Izzy) I'm surprised I didn't post here sooner! I have an online membership and these multiplayer games:

Online Multiplayer Games

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Uno Monopoly My Hero One's Justice Super Smash Bros Ultimate Pokemon Shield Minecraft Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee!
If anyone ever wants to play something with me just shoot me a PM! I can be caught playing with Bush a lot if you don't mind possibly having 3 players! ^^
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KishanHaru's AvatarKishanHaru
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QUOTE originally posted by KishanHaru

not so patiently waiting for Animal crossing :D
It's here - and I've been no lifing it so much hnnnnnnnnng I don't know how much and what from AC counts as spoilers so I'm just going to plop it all into a spoiler box♥!~

Spoiler alert!

Are you sure?

SO LIKE - I've been non-stop working on my town for about a week now. I spent 11 hours straight last week terraforming and overhauling my island. Layout is finally complete and now I'm filling my catalog so I can decorate my island. Also doing a lot of flower breeding >w< Flowersarepretty My island theme is a general "gardens of Babylon" so there's lots of waterfalls and flowers plus there will be more as I breed more rare colors AND GUISE WE GET SHRUBS TOMORROW I'm so stinking excited for the shrubs bruh. But um yeah, so... if you have any like... lanterns/garden tables/garden chairs (not the ones you get to start with) lemme knowwwww >_< I need them lol Also looking for Cute furniture ^-^ If there's anything anyone in here is looking for please let me know! I find so much stuff on the daily and enjoy helping others out. I'd rather give away items than sell them if possible :3 ♥
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Aérix's AvatarAérix
Aérix's Avatar
I would like to join the ranks of various peoples on PFQ to share their Switch FC~ SW-1959-6120-3317 (Aerix)
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