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Victims of Plasma {RP}

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(sorry for the confusion kate) As Dusk took a better look, it seemed his cage had been unlocked. Very awkwardly, Dusk heard Sasuke's remark about Petal. "Who are you?" he asked to the mysterious person.
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The person is my character,not yours.My character is a guardian,protecting Pokemon of Unova.
Sasuke hoped that this was all just a dream,and just wished something would wake him up.Sasuke tried a battle with a wild Patrat,but Sasuke didn't get hit.
"Sasuke, where are we?" Dusk was very confused. He wanted to know where he was, where the others were, and how to get back there. He went outside before finding a nice place to rest for the moment.
The Blaziken and Sceptile slowly came out of their hiding place near the group with an old sling filled to the brim with supplies and food.
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Pages: 123··· 262728

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