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Victims of Plasma {RP}

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"Hello," Dusk says, "I'm Dusk. This is Melty. I overheard that you needed a way into the hospital?"
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” Yeah” A heavy sigh is released. “ Could Use A New Batch Of Rations For These Fellows..” Watila pauses, finding another term. “ .. Needs. I Usually Know The Way To The Hospital, But I Guess Another Way Is Fine, If Its Ok With These Two.“ He says, making sure that Sunoll and Gracie are fine with these new pokemons.
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Melty clung to her cloth quietly while looking at the new Pokémon curiously. She hadn't seen that kind of Pokémon before, and she was intrigued about what it could be. It looked a little weird for her to just be sizing up a mon like that.
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"Jeeeeeeek, I'm tired.." Latin whined as he looked over the slum-like city. "Tired and hungry.." Just like that, he disappeared and reappeared maybe 4 feet in the air, looking around for anything to eat. "Oh, stop your whining. For the entirety of this trip, you've been either levitating or riding on my back." Jekyll swished his tail, throwing the mask up in the air and lifted his head to make it land perfectly on the top of his head. He looked sideways at a wooden door on a building with a red plus sign on the top, before looking up at Latin. "Get back." He said swiftly and stepped back, before launching himself into the air and using his incredibly sharp claws and tail to slice the wood into tiny pieces, and Latin barely avoided being hit in the head by a flying stake of wood. "Hey, you almost hit me!" He whined, dropping to the ground and looking inside the building. "Oh, that would be such a tragedy." Jekyll joked as he climbed inside of the building, looking around for any source of food, but all he saw was bandages and a collapsed looking Poffin counter.
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Watila noticed the inverted lickwick sizing him up. " Oh Erm, As You Both Can See, I'm Different From The Usual Meowth." He stikes an akward pose to show off his features." A Fusion Created To Follow My Creators Commands," He looks at his bag, pausing to change the topic. " Haven't Seen Such A Distinct Looking Lickwick And Rockruff In Here" he says, trying to move the topic to them.
Dusk wondered what the meowth fusion had meant by “in here”. it seemed to have somethig to do with the bag it was holding. It also seemed to have noticed the mark on his leg. He hid it, not ready to share its reasons. “Follow me. I’ll show you the entrance.”
Two towering pokemon were hulking near the hospital entrance. A husky voice belonging to a huge blaziken could be heard. "Why are we here again." A second voice responded, it sounded really snake like. "Shut up, I pokemon coming, sssssssee." A sceptile pointed toward the group.
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Zero didn't recognize this part of the forest. Her usual haunts had long ago been left behind, as she was in a particularly adventurous mood today. The trees parted up ahead, and she found herself near a large human shelter. Some sort of large building with a red cross over the... door? Yes, that was the word. She smelled - and saw - several Pokemon scattered around the place. Hunkering down, she decided to watch, and wait... Perhaps this would be interesting. Maybe she'd get a decent fight. Though, the large bird one looked like a fighting type, and her helmet could hold her back...
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Melty finally spoke up. "You look pretty!" She said, similing. Defiantly seemed a bit random, especially coming from her. But what she said was said, and she thought Watila was pretty.
"I hear something." The blaziken grunted. "Follow me." he whispered to the Sceptile. They krept over to where the group of small pokemon where. "Food." The Sceptile whispered, licking his lips. The blaziken lightly lept onto the roof. He brought his hand down, and scooped Melty up. "Ew, a candle, not very tasty." he grunted, throwing her back down with brute force.

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