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Victims of Plasma {RP}

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RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
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Setup Here Melty opened her eyes, yawning. She had been sleeping in a small box near the hospital she lived by. She had been looking for food, and since the hospital's trash cans never had enough food, she had to go looking for it herself. She looked around for the fully intact lava cookie she had managed to snag, but a wild Pokémon must have stolen it. Melty made a small noise as she grabbed her blue cloth and walked up to a nearby trash can, looking for another morsel.
Dusk opened his eyes, barely managing it this time. He was starting to run out of food. It was such a hard choice for him. Should he continue to search for hos trainer, or should he find food? He decided to search for something to eat. Otherwise, he would not be able to find his trainer.
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Zero shook her head, her helmet rattling as she did so. Looks like another boring day... She stretched, getting up from her den and looking around. Once she was sure she was alone, Zero crept over to her supply of berries, snatching up a few and maneuvering them under her helmet for her morning meal.
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The Chatot drowsily followed Sun, flapping her wings quietly but kept walking. They had been walking in this direction for three days now, without any sign or reasoning as to why. "Sun." "Yes, Gracie?" "Why have we been walking this way.. for three days?" "Because there is food on the other side of the river." "What river, Sun, what river?" "The one we passed yesterday." The Chatot fell silent, and kept on walking. She flapped her wings some more, her lopsided tail jingling merrily despite her attitude. They were walking past a few abandoned buildings when- "Stop." The Xatu put out his wing, folding it back in as a pink aura surrounded the door of a building and slowly creeked open. They walked in, Gracie dusting off a few cardboard boxes and ripping holes in the sides, only to see them empty. "Here." Sun peeled back the top of a box, revealing a few boxes of cereal and some dried berries. "Thanks, Sun." Gracie said with a bit of sarcasm. He cast a wayward glance at her, and she smiled briefly. "Really. Thank you." There it was, there was the sincerity. "Pecha or Rawst?" Sun asked, nodding towards the berries. "You know which," The Chatot said with a bit of happiness lining her voice, grabbing a Rawst and gulping it down.
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In the corner of a dark alley, a slight blurred motion moves around the pile of trashcans. Watilas' dark brown fur blended right with the cardboard spreaded beside the trash. After rummaging for a few minutes in there, he managed to find a sealed box wrapped with colorful patterns. He peered the box open, revealing a very small contraption. Questions ran to his mind, why would someone leave such a good present behind? His white pupils noticed a tiny lever in the side. When he flipped it, soothing music came out of the device. He sat down, remising the times where his creator would hum him a little tune whenever they were frustrated.
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On this particular day, Micah had decided to take a walk through the forest. Her Emolga, Cloud, floated closeby, ready to battle in case they come across a wild Pokemon. She gestured for the rodent to come closer, and the girl started to stroke his head. "We'll train today," she whispered to him. "We need to be stronger." The duo were inches away from the tall grass, where she knew Pokemon would lurk, waiting for something to enter into their territory. She took a step, and then another, and another. Strange... nothing was appearing. Even when Micah walked around in circles, nothing was attacking her. Was it because it was so early? At last, she exited the brush, and leaned up agaisnt a tree. What now?
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Dusk was now really starting to worry. He couldn't find food, or water. How would he ever find his trainer? He kept wandering until he found hope. That is, if you could call a polluted city hope. There were always people dropping things, so food would probably be easy to find here. That is, if someone didn't catch him first. He saw a hospital, and a pokemon center right next to it. That would probably be a good place to start looking.
La.ti.as's AvatarLa.ti.as
La.ti.as's Avatar
Zero froze, hearing rustling. She shifted her position, hissing involuntarily when she saw it. Crap. A human and a trained Pokemon. Just great.
RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
RenCringe's Avatar
After rusling through the trash again, Melty found the cone part of a Castelia Cone. She started to munch on it, a bit of airy and crunch carbs the best she could get. After finishing, she attempted to wipe her mouth.She knew she had to get back to the hospital now, and since she was only a few streets down from it, she started walking the allys and crevices with her home in sight.
going to the pokecenter was definitely a good move. There, Dusk found a half finished water bottle, some lava cookie crumbs. A pokemon had clearly come by earlier. He saw a yellow flame in the distance. upon further investigation, it appeared to be a litwick. ”But wait,” he thought, “don’t liteick have purple flames?”

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