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DoppelGaldred's AvatarDoppelGaldred
DoppelGaldred's Avatar
At this point, my wishes on PFQ (besides dex completion) are simply to get some Zophan Canisters and to get Hypermode.
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Shiny/Melan Hunt: Noibat (0h - Exclusive Eggdexing Prioritized)
Happen to be looking for Pokéball Vivillons or Crystal Maravols? Feel free to PM me so we can figure out a deal! Find anything you want to trade/buy from my UFT Fields? PM me or send a labelled trade with your offer, I don't bite. ^^
~ Complete Eggdex (Progress: 459/610) ~ Complete Base Pokédex (Progress: 893/1407)
I... may need a little (Massive Understatement) help with thinking of names for the PKMN within my 'Name SOS Hold' Fields. orz If anyone has ideas, shoot me a PM.
The icon is an edit of a quick rough sketch I did of a small creature I fondly call Doppotim.
Constantly on the lookout for art and ideas for Hypmic Tims.
get arceus and have good melan luck
Typerace = 1807
To get a melan and make friends
Call me Kara. Really wants melan Reuniclus... avatar by @DuchessLunaire ! Their art is so cool! Check out their shop! my lone shop! -> shop my journal! -> journal the awesome joint shop i share with @hanamochii! (in the making of) Ralts hunt! 539h/1s/0a/0m
5/400 for Diancie hunt (probably will never happen)

QUOTE originally posted by møchãneedscøffee

To get a melan and make friends
Im gonna make it happen if thats your only wish Also- • Hatch a melan once • See the Niet counter on 69M • Gift one of my friends something VERY useful • Hatch a melan of all my favorite pokemon • Get every Flying type S/A (Never gonna happen) • Make a friend group


Pfp art is official bnha manga art edited by me
I hoard any and every evolution item, evolution stone and special evolution item

Pages: 123··· 171819

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