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fuzzyfurret's Avatarfuzzyfurret
fuzzyfurret's Avatar
Hiya everybody! I’d like to ask you all- what’s your wish on pokefarm? what would you like to achieve or get?
pfp by duchesslunaire
Luxrayzzz's AvatarLuxrayzzz
Luxrayzzz's Avatar
Get an Arceus (idk)
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puddichu's Avatarpuddichu
puddichu's Avatar
making some friends would be nice!
icon drawn by me!
NeonFlame's AvatarNeonFlame
NeonFlame's Avatar
Hatch a melan
Gif by KitKatKutie2
murfijs's Avatarmurfijs
murfijs's Avatar
get hypermode
artykins's Avatarartykins
artykins's Avatar
I want all the different variants of Mimikyu! I'm so close to the totem!
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IbukiMioda's AvatarIbukiMioda
IbukiMioda's Avatar
Finally have some friends I can talk to.
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avatar is an editted sprite made by me
timetimor's Avatartimetimor
timetimor's Avatar
I'm brand new to the site so friends would be awesome. I want to finish my pokedex/eggdex of course. I have little interest in the fake pokemon tho.
brand new to the site (joined 6th of december)
Ameyoru's AvatarAmeyoru
Ameyoru's Avatar
melan glaceon female, maybe a nice shop in the art place on here?? just wanna make others happy too
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Aryafire1's AvatarAryafire1
Aryafire1's Avatar
Oh boy... Right now, at this moment, a stinking shiny in my chain. No results on that hunt haha. Eventually unlock Necrozma because aesthetic... Get the line for Zygarde
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