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Victims of Plasma {OPEN}

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Zero is in an indistinguishable part of the forest, meaning you can have her be anywhere. You can start the interaction if you want.
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I'm a Victim of Plasma Name:Cash Cadmus Faye Gender:Male Sexuality:Hetero Age:14 Looking for their Pokémon?:Yes Believes in Plasma's teachings?:Not anymore Appearance:here Personality:Cash is a pretty laid back boyo, his sister, Cassandra, always yells at him to be more productive. He is really gullible and well, stupid. He's a champion at video games. Backstory: Cash heard Plasma's speech, feeling guilt about capturing pokemon, he realeased them hoping that they would be happier, over time, he started to miss his pokemon and looked for them with one of his sisters. Pokemon: Blade (Sceptile), Crusher (Metang), Senor (Ludicolo) Other:


I'm a Victim of Plasma Name: Cassandra Coreen Faye Gender: Female Sexuality: Hetro Age:11 Looking for their Pokémon?:Yes Believes in Plasma's teachings?:No, not anymore Appearance:here Personality:Cassandra is a very vain, arrogant, stubborn character. She always thinks highly of herself because her father is the mayor of Ever Grande City. She cares deeply for all her friends and those she loves, always willing to stand up to injustice, however she judges people too quickly and is a bully to certain people. Backstory: Cassandra also fell under Plasma's spell and released her pokemon, she called them out and harshly told them to leave, telling them it was for the best. Pokémon: Blaziken (Flame), Ninetales (Sunbeam), Espeon (Isi) Other:


I'm a Victim of Plasma Name:Calls himself Flame Gender:Male Sexuality:Asexual Age: 25 Level: 40 Type(s):Fire/Fighting Searching for their trainer?:Yep Appearance:Normal Blaziken appearance Personality:Flame can be very hotheaded but loves the people close to him. Backstory: Flame ended up getting abandoned when Cassandra let go of him, saying it was for the best and that both of each other would be better off.


I'm a Victim of Plasma Name: Calls himself Blade Gender: Male Sexuality: Gay Age: 29 Level: 55 Type(s):Grass Searching for their trainer?: Yes Appearance:Normal Sceptile Personality: Sceptile is very calm and meditative Backstory: Blade got abandonded due to Cash being so gullible and beiliving Plasma, he released Blade saying that he was sorry for choosing him as his starter Other:
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could you put those into hideboxes using [hide=POKEMONNAME]TEXT[/hide]? makes it easier to read.
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Uhh, sure.
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(Just something I thought I'd say: Petal the human won't be interacting until later, I put her in to get it over with in the forms. For now, just Zero.) (She's also kinda hinting that she's like right there in the bushes watching the whole fight and may or may not be making small noises b/c of her helmet)
Noticed. Also, I don't think it makes sense that Sunoll and Gracie are acting as if they are away from the fight, because they were with melty watila and dusk right before the sceptile and blaziken attacked.
Well I think the interaction is going to really heat up now ^^
Yeah. I'm adding you into the business after my next post.
Well, I'm waiting on Espe. She's the one who controls the Sceptile and Blaziken. Hopefully she's still on, her last post was only 9 minutes ago.

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