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((We're meeting up with Sen (Waitila/Alipata can't remember between the 2 RP's)Also, Sabrina was traveling with Percil and Dusk. Lux, I'm pretty sure that his name is sparky, not bolt.)) "Oh, hey Sabrina! We just found some more pokemon. There sure are a lot of them around here for a city." Dusk was starting to get slightly uncomfortable. Too many new pokemon were here. It had been ok when it was calm back by the pokecenter or in the forest, but now it was a city in broad daylight.
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(i just realized that they have both the same numbers of letters and same end vowel x D )) " Oh a quest ? Sure, I'll tag along ! If I do ever get lost, just find my long neck !" Alipata the fusion giggles. He then pokes out small sticky and sparkly rocks and places it to the ground . " If the other pokes wanna come along, they can follow this trail I left them" Grinning with satisfaction, he comes alohg with Dusk, Percil and the other two. After a while, Alipata begins to break the ice. " So, what's in this forest anyways ? Seems pretty normal to me !"
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Percil waited and made sure everyone was following before leading them off to another alley in hopes it was where her hideout was.

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"This doesn't seems like the forest you were talking about?" Alipata questions this 'forest' they were talking about. Maybe metaphorically? He doesn't really know. "Where are we heading, anyways?" He asks, placing another sticky glittery stone in the ground.
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Slythe The Murkrow had suddenly started yelling at he space next to him as if someone was there. When he did stop he noticed the Tyrunt fusion was gone, but a trail of shiny rocks was left. He ignored the other Pokémon in the alley and took flight. He followed the rock trail, often straying off the path due to his lack of focus. Hershel In the Houndoom's boredom he zoned out and stopped paying attention. He sneezed and focused again. He noticed that it was just him and the Litwick, he figured he'd wait to see what they were going to do before he decided. It's not like he had plans to do anything else.
We're not going back to the forest. I'll explain once we're back. What we're doing is heaeding back to Percil's place. Somewhere away from the forest.
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Suddenly an Eevee jumps out of the bushes and an Espeon grabs it and grabs it by it's scruff. Oh! Sorry if I inttrupted you! My kit here is trying to run into the bakery. She Loves their cinnimon rolls..

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Hello My name is Kitkatmeowzie, but you can call me Kitkat for short. I have a YouTube channel, a AJ account, a sister, and an Ego.
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((Wait what???))
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"Um Dusk is there something wrong?" "...." *Um Kitkat where did you come from? Your not on the accepted characters list.
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